The L’Oreal Cleansing Balm Review 

The L’Oreal Cleansing Balm

This product was created to put 6 different steps into 1 step. The cleansing balm I received was the EverPure for color treated hair. I did receive this complimentary of L’Oreal and influenster.


At first glance

I was skeptical. This one product is meant to cleanse, treat, soften, condition, detangle and add shine. This ONE product and it’s also supposed to be good for color treated hair; but it does have rosemary, which can be color stripping, as an ingredient. So, I definitely wasn’t looking forward to stripping my new color. The smell is soothing, it has a nice peppermint smell to it.

Putting it to use


This cleansing balm is a low-poo. Which means that it does not create a lot of suds during the cleansing process. I would however, recommend at least two lathers to thoroughly wash your hair. Just keep this in mind if you choose to use this product.

I used this product on hair that did have a little bit of product build up. I allowed the water to saturate my hair before I started my first lather. I used about 12 pumps each time.  The first lather didn’t really suds much; but the second lather did. I allowed the cleansing balm to sit in my hair for 20 minutes; while I went through the rest of my skin care shower regimen. I then detangled my hair with NO issue and minimal shedding. I rinsed my hair out and inspected the results in the mirror

The Aftermath

I first checked to see if my color changed or appeared washed out; and it didn’t.  I then looked to see if my hair appeared coated and weighed down; and to my surprise it didn’t. My hair was clean, shiny, and hydrated. I did not have  to do a separate conditioning treatment. My hair was well defined and in tact; something I rarely get from products.

The one thing I didn’t like was the light film I felt on my hair after using the product. I eventually got used to it; but it did bother me that no matter how well you rinse, some product will always be left behind. But even when you look at the 6 steps; I shouldn’t be surprised that something is being left behind.


I’ve been using this product on and off whenever I need a quick but thorough wash day.I get to clean and condition in one step. And then I can keep on moving. I wouldn’t completely cut out shampoos and conditioners from my regimen. But this one is definitely something to use on vacation for a quick wash or for summers on the go.

It cost about $10 dollars, and can be purchased online or in almost every store.

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