Monthly Archives: June 2013

If today was your LAST day on earth.

As many of you know, my family and I have been dealing with a lot. Two of my family members passed away within 10 days of each other. And it has truly made me realize and appreciate every single moment throughout a day. If today was your last day. Would […]

The truth about my big chop. 2 comments

I know this may seem a tad bit controversial.  But many naturals that big chop super early aren’t completely honest about their actual feelings. Now, on February 19, 2013; I got tired of dealing with two different textures. I was ready to see my natural curl pattern, I was just […]

Thoughts on Love. 2 comments

These are MY thoughts & opinions on love. I have actually had time to sit back & truly think about what it means to me. First off, I have a very strong belief when I say that when your heart is “in love”, it is the closest you’ll ever be […]

The Truth About Texturizers

Some naturals feel that getting a texturizer is NOT the same as getting a relaxer, while most naturals feel that texturizer is the same as a relaxer.

Elaine Luxe 2 comments

  ELAINE LUXE is a super dope jewelry line. Everything she has is handmade and hand painted. I must admit that her bracelets and earrings are definitely one of my favorite. Her pieces have a one of a kind appeal and are created to match any style.  She even has a […]