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Before You Dye Natural Hair

There’s always an argument over do it yourself,  box dye;  hair bleaching or color lifting or allowing a professional to handle your hair.

Caring for Color Treated hair.

Caring for color treated hair, is the difference between healthy hair and breakage. Choosing to dye your hair is not the problem. In fact, if you do choose to dye your hair you need to take the appropriate steps in ensuring that your hair remains it’s healthiest and you avoid […]

Hair Typing Gone WRONG

Personally I believe that their is beauty in ALL hair types. I am VERY proud of my hair type.  Like I always say, I am a TYPE FOUR KINKY COILY GIRL, AND I am quick to admit that.

Loving Culture Oil

Loving Culture Oil This loving culture oil, is a multi-purpose oil, that can be used as a hot oil treatment, growth oil, and for dry scalp. This oil blend has Organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed castor oil, jojoba oil, cinnamon, cayenne pepper,and eucalyptus oil.

Creations Garden: Leave in conditioner 3 comments

Creations Garden: Leave in conditioner I will be completely honest, I found this product, along with a few others on accident, in TJMaxx. And I must admit, I was lucky. lol