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Negative People 1 comment

Black women already have the “hater” stigma. People automatically assume that ALL black women don’t know HOW to compliment, encourage and uplift each other. That is a false statement. Not all women are like that.  Not all black women are like that. And black women are not the only ones […]

DMVixen.Com & Santa Cause presents #JustCause

Fly Rebel Society will be headlining their first annual charity concert Just Cause on December 1, 2013 at Tropicalia DC. This philanthropic production is a joint collaboration between and Mo Betta’s  #SantaCause. As such, a portion of the night’s proceeds will be donated to the #SantaCause charity via Safe Shores – the DC advocacy center for abused and molested children. […]

Silk Spa Creations: Brown Sugar Scrub and Silk Candles

  At First Glance When I first received the products, I was definitely amazed at the scent of the Brown sugar body scrub. I could definitely see the love and care that went into the products from Silk Spa Creations.. Inside of the package, comes a beautiful set of instructions, […]

You have to do the work. 3 comments

(-_-), Seriously. Now before I start my rant. Let’s make something super clear. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY says that you should have an 85 step regimen or a 6 hour wash session. NOBODY!!  However, you cannot expect for your hair to flourish if you are not taking the basic steps […]