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Pretty Kinky Naturals 1 comment

Pretty Kinky Naturals I had the pleasure of reviewing the product line, Pretty Kinky Naturals, including the chocolate, honey, & Mudd co-wash truffles (not photoed above). Pretty Kinky Naturals, is an amazing natural and organic line that gives you EVERYTHING you have been looking for.

Ella + Co

Ella’s Concoctions Ella’s Concoctions is now Ella + Co. All links have been updated. I had thee ultimate pleasure of reviewing Ella’s Concoctions. All of the ingredients used are raw and organic. Homemade and created with love.

“Just because you’re lightskinned”. 3 comments

I have never truly understood why skin color is used an excuse. Subconsciously, many people are prone to this type of thinking. Many use skin color as a reason or excuse for something.

Love or lack there of.

Disclaimer: I will be very sappy and honest** I consider myself to be a hopeless romantic. I genuinely love seeing people in love and happy. Real love.