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#MKGlam VoxBox unboxing*

  I received this Mary Kay Glam VoxBox complimentary of Influenster. I received 9 items.

Building up Black Women

See this rant is for one reason, and one only. Whenever I post a picture, or anything, regarding how special or how amazing black women are OR how they deserve to be treated better.

Loving others the Way God Loves Us

I have spent a lot of time reading devotionals and the bible. I took a lot of time to self reflect and get myself back on track. I tend to do this a lot,especially when I find myself at a crossroad.  I come across bible verses and devotionals that speak to […]


Your Name: Tyrika Williams Name of your business: mainelement: love

H2Oil Hair Oil 2 comments

H2Oil Hair Oil I had the pleasure of reviewing H2Oil Hair oil over the last two months.  I used this oil as apart of my LOC method, I also used it to maintain my weekly protective styles .