Monthly Archives: October 2014

Integrity.. How Far Would You Go?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’m one of those people that pride themselves in the woman they are today. Right now, at this very moment. I’ve worked super hard to be the woman that I am right now and to continue on to be the woman that I need to be. […]

Music Thursdays

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’m so excited about this new addition to the site! Every Thursday I’ll showcase my fav songs, Indie & Major artist.

Guarding Your Happiness

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Life has definitely brought many things my way, over the course of the last few years. We are quick to lose sight of what’s important. Even with negative circumstances clouding our judgement. We tend to forget how important happiness is. And why we are all deserving…

Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box I was given the amazing opportunity to review the Purgasm Shop Fetish Fix Box. Shop Here Instagram

Time for change

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.”        I love the change of the seasons. Especially Summer into Fall. I love watching the transition from the warm summer nights to the brisk and very […]