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How to Care for Dry and Brittle Hair (Updated) 3 comments

How to care for Dry and Brittle hair I get a lot of e-mails from many naturals that are tired of  having DRY HAIR. They have used every “blogger approved” product that does not work well with their own hair type.  They have dry, brittle and rough hair. But blame everything but their bad […]

Never Giving Up

It’s so easy to give up and settle for life as we know it. Giving up on our dreams and bettering ourselves. We have children, failed a few times, or just feel that we’ve outgrown the “timeframe”… But either way.. that’s false. “fall down 7 times, get up 8.” – Japanese […]

Protect Your Peace

I am a firm believer of protecting your peace at all cost. Protecting ‘self’ before anything else. Not allowing other people to disturb your peace. For some, we allow our ‘good nature’ to leave that window open; that allows people to unload and leave all of their ‘baggage’ (some true, […]

Keirenae Hair and Skin Product Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Keirenae hair and skin line. I have a wholeeee lot to say about the line. I will also be posting different videos on Instagram and youtube!