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Embracing My Spirituality doesn’t Mean I’ve Strayed from God   Recently updated !

The fact that I even need to write this is astounding. I’m realizing that spirituality is soooo  taboo and people aren’t really sure what it is. But with that comes a lot of ignorance – including people alluding to devil worship. *Eye roll* But Embracing My Spirituality doesn’t Mean that […]

“She Readaaayyy” – Mood into 2019   Recently updated !

“She Readaaayyy” – Mood into 2019 I am soooo excited about this upcoming year. I’ve been planning and plotting for 2019 for quite some time now, making sure that I’m building the appropriate foundations for self this year. My focus this year: Bettering Self, for the sake of me and […]

5 Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp

5 Home Remedies For An Itchy Scalp : Balance PH   You are in the middle of a corporate meeting and suddenly if there is an urge to itch your scalp, it might be very embracing if you really can’t avoid it. Or you might be in a study group […]

Quick Tips to Maximize Your Meditation Sessions

Many people feel that learning the art of meditation is impossible because they are chronic thinkers. Personally, I’m an overthinker by nature, and I’ve learned a few tips to help guide your way into meditation. Here are some Quick Tips to Maximize Your Meditation Sessions