28 Life Lessons – Things I picked up along the way

Life has taught me more during this lifetime than I would have ever picked up in a college course. these 28 life lessons – things that I picked up along the way. Different realizations that I’ve learned and plan on modifying into year 29 in 2019. Time is flying by and there is growth in adapting and evolving with the times.

28 Life Lessons

  1. Everyone isn’t your friend. Everyone won’t always like you. Live a life that is pleasing to you.
  2. Take some time to yourself to recharge. Sleep, dance, do whatever makes you feel ready to take on the world.
  3. Set healthy boundaries – Say no. Don’t lose sleep. Write it out. Choose yourself first.
  4. Do not allow others to discourage you from following and achieving your dreams
  5. Admit when you are not okay and need help.
  6. trust your “gut” – Do not fight against your higher-self. Save yourself the trouble.
  7. There is always room for self-improvement
  8. There isn’t a need to fight every battle
  9. Don’t mistake fear for intuition. They are not the same. Meditate if you are unsure of which one you are currently experiencing before making any decisions.
  10. Nothing is crazy about your vision – you may just need a better circle
  11. Meditate, do yoga. Find yourself.
  12. SEEK HELP when needed
  13. You are the only person that can validate you.
  14. You are enough
  15. Stick with your goals no matter how hard they maybe.
  16. Apply to the jobs you don’t think you’ll get
  17. Give yourself the same affirmations that you would give a friend in need
  18. It’s never too late to live your best life.
  19. You have to love and value yourself first before you seek love and validation outside of you.
  20. Stop comparing your life and journey to the lives of other people. There is no comparison. Focus on yourself.
  21. Do not fear failure. Do not let that fear paralyze you from going for your dreams. Not trying it IS the failure.
  22. Get into a healthier lifestyle before its too late.
  23. Don’t forget to live your way through life.
  24. Your job WILL replace you – do NOT put yourself AFTER your job. You don’t get paid enough for that
  25. Never settle for situations that do not make you feel positive, valued or loved
  26. Failing something isn’t a sign to quit. It means improve the plan and try again.
  27. Stop stressing over the people and things that do not think twice about you. Go to bed.
  28. Every year is a chance to grow, expand & achieve.

Lesson 29: Choose more quality experiences. Go out, travel, enjoy yourself.

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