Being Invincible, or so we think.

A lot of things have happened this month, and It has me thinking once again.

The younger we are, we tend to think that we are invincible. We feel that our age keeps death from knocking at our door. Only the old die, right?


By the time I hit high school, I have had classes with and I was also friends with a few people that had passed away. People my age or a little older. One died of natural causes, a few years older than me, and one was murdered, and he was my age.


They were young. I understood that death was real and that it could happen. But it took one of my close friend’s to pass in order for me to truly understand that my age, did not make me invincible. My age was not the gap between life and death.

A few years later, 2013, my cousin passed away. She was in the ICU with every type of organ failure you could imagine. She died at 23, about 11 days before her birthday. We are not invincible, we cannot hide from death.

It just crazy that we think that we can do whatever the hell we desire, without consequences. That we can make dumb decisions because we’re yelling “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” in the background. That does NOT justify anything.

I understand that we’re supposed to be “young, wild and free”, but shouldn’t we act with SENSE or nah? Am I trippin’ to expect more from people my age? How many times do I have to watch someone’s mother weep over the body of their child? How many times do I have to figure out how to console my family? I understand that things happen, and that it is God’s Will. But God didn’t make us stupid. Some of the things that are killing people my age, are things that could have been prevented.

It’s just ridiculous. When will we learn that we are not invincible? That we do have a whole life to live, but if it’s cut short, out of our own foolish doing then what?

It’s just frustrating that some of my peers are living this reckless, carefree lifestyle.

We need to do better. As a whole. Too many people are dying at the age of 23.. Some just don’t make it that far. When will it end?

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