Can you JUST get over it already?

I can rant just as good as the next person. There are certain things that truly do grind my gears. And no this doesn’t go out to anyone in particular.

I am definitely about to let my soul glow. Reader be Warned

On this site, I can be candid & honest. That’s what my hair rants are for!! So here we go…

A huge, I mean HUGE pet peeve that gets me irate, is self loathing. of anything PERIOD.

The whole purpose of this site, the instagram, the tumblr; everything under the Natural Hair Junkies Brand is to empower and encourage naturals and transitioners around the world. If I can touch just ONE person, I’m content. So you can definitely look at this brand as a female empowerment brand.

This is where my pet peeve comes into play

In all seriousness, I do not give a hot damn, what anyone thinks of my hair. Good or bad. It’s mine. I don’t try to convince anyone to go naturals or to get relaxers because of what their hair type or texture is.

Let’s get ONE thing straight. I rep, and I have ALWAYS repped for the Kinky coily haired girls. Because I am a TYPE 4 Chica! My site does not cater to one hair type or a “certain” type of female.

So when I get these e-mails or comments bashing kinky hair, it makes me mad. Yes, You are entitled to your own opinion, But keep it with you. I never asked, nor do I care, about what YOU think about kinky, coily hair. PERIOD.

Now, if this hair is growing out of YOUR head, why are you bashing it? Why can’t you just accept your hair as your own? Now if you aren’t trying to accept it, then relax it, and go on but your merry way. But to constantly, bash me and females with hair like mine is a no no. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE JUST BITTER ABOUT WHAT GOD GAVE YOU spare me.

I don’t mind reading hair rants, or encouraging a lost natural or transitioner. I don’t. I post my e-mail address and I have a contact form on here just for those purposes. But to hate what GOD gave you and shame anyone that rocks it, is just petty. Do you know how many people wish they had type 4 hair? That wish they could even GROW any TYPE of hair out of their scalps but just can’t.

When did being natural turn into a type war? When did it turn into my type is better than yours? Or Mixed girls are better naturals?

If YOU can’t love you, who the hell can? Think about it. Nobody is willing to take that risk if they know that you don’t love yourself the way you should. (Definitely thought of a new post about this too). But it just irks my spirit.

You have NO reason to hate what is growing out of your head. Look at yourself and be appreciative and thankful for what God gave you. Regardless of what the next chick has. Stop worrying about “her” and worry about YOU.

I love my hair. Something SERIOUS. Can’t nobody tell me anything about my hair that will make me feel that I shouldn’t be rocking it. Nope. nah. NO. NOBODY!! *in my Keith Sweat voice*.

Keep your negativity to yourself. Spread love not HATE. Embrace yourself. love yourself.

Thanks for letting my soul flourish.


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