Can You Stop?

This is definitely a part of my rant series. I’m just genuinely tired, and I mean TIREEEDDDDD of people and all of their assumptions regarding MY life. Can you stop? Like Seriously? CAN. YOU. STOP??

*There is no disclaimer, because genuinely, I don’t care how it’s taken*

Can You Stop?

As I’ve journeyed throughout this life of mine, I’ve learned a lot to say the least. One of the BIGGEST things I’ve learned and can distinguish from a mile away, are my pet peeves. Seriously, I’m not a fan of certain things, and I do try my damn best to not do them to other people. And sometimes I slip because I am human, but many times, I do try my best to be respectful and model what I expect from other people. You would think that would give people a valid reason to not only be respectful of me, my feelings and space but to have regard for me? Tah. No. not at all.

Being intrusive

First and fore most, please, have a seat and allow me to navigate my life the way I see fit. If I do not ask for or request your assistance. Please leave me alone. I do not need you to intrude on my space, any aspect of my life, or in any of my brands. Genuinely, I did not ASK for your opinion. I did not submit my resume, my links, my work or anything else to YOU for assistance. Unless, I’ve asked you to play matchmaker, mind your business. Unless you know, from the GENUINE black ass bottom of your heart, that me and person A may be good for each other. Don’t try it. Just let me be single. My life is not a pastime for anyone’s enjoyment. Only once in my wholeee life was someone remotely close to being right, and she’s probably thee ONLY and I mean ONLY person I would take a recommendation from. Everyone else? Nah. I don’t care about your coworker’s friend’s son. I don’t care about DayDay from around the way. I don’t care about Hattie Mae’s grandbaby. Please. Don’t give my number or social media out on my behalf. Don’t embarrass me. Just let me live. I’m not a kid. I don’t need your assistance.

My love life does not need your help, my site does not need to be tinkered with and I do not need to be monitored by anyone as if I were a baby. Please. respect me and my boundaries. Please, mind your business. Just back off and let me live. I’m sure if I needed your assistance or input anywhere, I would ask for it. But when you pop up with a list of things I could do be doing differently, as if I consulted with you in the first place, I feel disrespected.

Let me handle my OWN business. Thanks. – Management


Now this one, I hate. Nothing blows (upsets) me more than someone thinking they know something about me that I don’t or that they know more about ME than I do.  You have no idea how often I look at my phone, email or hear what people have to say and think, “what?”….. Some days, I really wonder where they could have possibly gotten that information from. What happened to ASKING me about my life? If it’s even that important. Since when were you and I joined at the hip and sharing the same experiences? In the last few weeks, people have assumed so much about me, that literally had me not only confused but irritated. I’m an adult and I can speak very well for myself and on my own behalf. People don’t get it, they always say “you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me” by assuming… Just stop. I don’t mind being asked questions, if you’re curious. Now the assumptions I’ve been told (because you know, they’re never questions) have circled around my child(ren mind you, I only have one), relationships (lack there of), my job, studies, etc. If I literally, have to look at you like “what?” at any point during the conversation, you’ve lost, my “friend”… You. Have. Lost.

Image result for wait what?
What? – Can you Stop?


Volunteering me, my time or my services

Just please, don’t. You don’t know what my planner looks like. You have zero idea what’s on my agenda for the day. Nor are you aware of how I want to spend MY off day, if it is even an actual day off. I hate, and I mean HATE, looking up and seeing a list of things that someone else needs me to do that I did not sign up for. Or better yet, the “she can make and give you that.” or “email her your _____ she can read over it and rewrite it and send it back to you in a few hours..”  Unless, it’s something I, from my heart, want to gift. I am not giving you anything. Stop volunteering me because the assumption is that “Sierra always says ‘yes’.” No, Sierra always SAID ‘yes’; not anymore. There isn’t that much time available in my schedule to do any and everything for everyone else. What about me? What about my child? What about my studies?

Sit back and let me choose what I want to be a part of. I’ve had people use and abuse the life out o me. Everything that I loved, desired and dreamt about, was lost behind the mess that people constantly dumped on me. My answer is always “no” if you don’t ask me first. I’m no longer inconveniencing myself for anyone but my child.

Stop asking me thousands of questions

I hate being questioned like I’m at a parole hearing. Can we naturally have a conversation? No? Well, can we stop now? I don’t have any issue being transparent, honest or open. But I would like for it to be on my own terms. Especially, if I’m being interviewed for a job that I did not apply for. Stop being so invasive and nosey. Because I know that the majority of people that ask questions are not coming from a caring place. And the ones that are, know my heart and know HOW to approach me.

I just needed to vent because even though my mood today is sensational. I’m beyond annoyed by a few things. And I just need to let the universe know that I just don’t have time for this moving forward. Let me life my lifeeeeee. That’s all I ask. If you want to be apart of that life, I don’t have an issue opening the door to let you in. But if I feel disregarded in anyway, I’ll let you know at first… But of if you keep it up, you’ll find yourself right back outside of that door. Literally, just stop.

Follow the Golden Rule. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

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