Natural Hair 101

When is it time for a trim?

Many naturals boast about avoiding trims. Depending on how your ends are maintained, it’s almost impossible to go extreme amounts of time without getting normal trims.

Why should I detangle?

Detangling. It’s a very sensitive subject for some naturals. Not only because it takes forever to do sometimes. Some just don’t understand why they should do it, and many just feel that it isn’t a necessity. The one thing that I have learned through experience is how important detangling is, […]

Tips for Transitioners

Tips for transitioner Here’s a little help to make your transition a little bit easier.

Dealing With Type 4 Hair 7 comments

Disclaimer: This post has been in the works for a month now. I have honestly been trying to figure out the best way to express myself on this topic! Especially since I know that it is a very touchy subject for many type four natural.