Embracing My Spirituality doesn’t Mean I’ve Strayed from God

The fact that I even need to write this is astounding. I’m realizing that spirituality is soooo  taboo and people aren’t really sure what it is. But with that comes a lot of ignorance – including people alluding to devil worship. *Eye roll* But Embracing My Spirituality doesn’t Mean that […]

It’s Time To Choose YOU – The Self-Care Edition

It’s Time To Choose YOU – The Self-Care Edition Flashback about three years ago. I was very insecure, drained, and unhappy. Filled with negative emotions and just the overwhelming feeling that I was undeserving of any and all things good. It took life to force me into a space, where […]

Taking the Path Unknown

Taking the Path Unknown I walked into this year, uncertain of what or where my life was headed. Trying to understand what this year will bring and what good would come out of it. I fell into meditation, as explained in the post Perfecting This Journey of Self-Care. I ventured […]

God thinks HE’s funny, too

Have you ever had to sit down and snap yourself out of it? Out of that mood, out of that thought process or out of those feelings? Well, that was me. If you’ve read The New Year Blues, then you know that I sulked and cried and sulked a little bit […]