Be Comfortable Where You Are

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Disclaimer** Being comfortable where you are does NOT mean be okay with being stagnant. There will be an explanation behind the phrase. This post is not to enable you to stand still. BUT for you to not feel that you failed because of where you are.

Start The Year With a Quiet Spirit

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Happy, Happy New Year! It’s officially 2017!! Congratulations, you have officially and successfully made it through another year, You did it!! Whether you ran through the finish line or you crawled through. You have finished.

You Deserve The World, Claim It

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn *Disclaimer: If this post offends you, I’m not sorry. I can’t and won’t apologize for what I say. Like my friend Dominique says “You can’t be a pacifist when you speak the truth”*

You Are Worthy

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Sometimes, it can be really difficult to learn, believe and instill in you, your value. We increase or decrease our worth depending on the emphasis of the importance other people put on us… It’s starts when we’re young, our parents either make us feel like shining […]

Accepting Your Blessings

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “Fear alone led me to realize that we as people tend to have the bad habit of blocking our blessings. Even though we feel that we may be undeserving of what God has to offer us, that doesn’t mean that we should block what HE does […]