Getting Back On Track

I cannot thank you all enough for all of the love and support you all have given me over the last 3 years.. THREE AMAZING YEARS.. I had to take some time to myself and get my personal life in order. I needed to take some time to inhale the […]

Love Me Right

“Love me right or not at all” Many of us have said this. But what does it really mean to love you right? What parts of you do you want loved? I have attempted and failed several times at this dating thing. And in those “fails”, I have learned some […]

Thoughts on Love Part Two

Last June, I wrote a post called, “Thoughts on Love” . I have actually taken some time to reflect on this post. I’ve been emailed and asked about this one for a while. And Everyone wants an update. Lol

Love or lack there of.

Disclaimer: I will be very sappy and honest** I consider myself to be a hopeless romantic. I genuinely love seeing people in love and happy. Real love.

Love yourself First. 4 comments

Loving yourself first, sounds easy right? It’s not always the easiest thing to do but it’s necessary. Concerning ourselves with WHO we love and if they love us in return is not the most important thing in the universe. Loving ourselves before anything else is. Yes our purpose in this […]