20 Random Facts about the Owner of NHJ

So, I kinda got conned into this on Sunday. Many of you want to know more about the woman behind NHJ; and I honestly feel that it’s about that time for all of you to find out bits of me. lol

  1. You can call me Sie OR  ‘A Natural Hair Junky’ that’s what I’ve been called since I started the Instagram, so I am definitely used to it.
  2. I am 23 years old (now almost 26).
  3. I have a two year old (he’ll be 5 next week, Sheesh). He is the motivation behind everything I do. I am a mother before anything.
  4. I am a business administration major. December 2017 is my graduation date (God willing)
  5. NHJ is made up of one person. lol just me. I do run the instagram, the tumblr, this site and the twitter.
  6. I am a product junkie.
  7. Everyday I am finding out more about myself and my faith.
  8. My hair rants are truly my own. lol
  9. I am an Afro-Latina. my mother is from Panama. I was born here but raised deep in the culture.
  10. I hate bugs. all types. whether they hop, skip, jump or crawl. No good.
  11. My Hair goal is bra strap length in the next 3 to 4 years.
  12. The reason I started the instagram and the site, was to support and encourage all naturals and transitioners.  I felt that I didn’t get a lot of support going natural as I would have liked and needed. I figured that there had to be many more people that felt the way I did, and unfortunately, I was correct.
  13. I want to ultimately run my own community center for abused and neglected children and teens. I want them to have somewhere to go for self help groups and tutoring. I want them to feel surrounded by love and that they have a safe place to be. One day that will happen.
  14. My intention is to one day become a publicist and run my own PR firm (God willing)
  15. I feel more comfortable, now, with my fro than I ever did with my straight relaxed hair.
  16. I love being “anonymous”. lol It’s actually pretty dope to run a page and a site and people not know “who” you are. I couldn’t be picked out of a line up, lol but many have heard of Naturalhairjunkies. cool huh?
  17. I am hoping to expand this “brand” into something more. You have to stay tuned for that. lol
  18. I do not know much of anything about make up. I want to learn though. I suck at it. If you can’t point me in the direction of anyone that could teach me, or help me shop, I would appreciate it. lol
  19. I want to be able to give my son the life I didn’t have. I want to be able to pay for his college tuition as well as whatever future children God blesses me with.
  20. With God, all things are possible. I learned this the hard way. But it has definitely been one of my greatest  lessons.


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