Caring for Color Treated hair.

Caring for color treated hair, is the difference between healthy hair and breakage.

Choosing to dye your hair is not the problem. In fact, if you do choose to dye your hair you need to take the appropriate steps in ensuring that your hair remains it’s healthiest and you avoid breakage.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Growing

  • Protein treat your hair every week or biweekly. Protein treating your hair will keep the elasticity of your hair and also help repair any damage caused by the dye. It will also help your curls bounce back and help you retain moisture better over time.
  • Deep condition every week. I know that we don’t want to put in the extra TLC more than we have to. But to completely honest, giving your hair that tender loving, especially for the first two months after getting this new color, will definitely help your hair live up to it’s full potential.
  • Use the LOC method every few days. The more often you moisturize and seal the less likely you are to suffer from dry hair. *Remember dry and brittle hair BREAKS, so try to prevent that at all cost. Using the LOC method will help keep your hair as moisturized as possible. The more moisture your hair retains the less likely you are to suffer breakage.
  • Trim those ends. Dying your hair takes a toll on your ends. Since your ends are the oldest parts of your hair, they tend to be the most “sensitive” and easily damaged. You have to pay attention to your ends. Once they are giving you that weird vibe, it’s time for them to go. Frequent trims keeps your split ends at bay, instead of it spreading up the hair shaft.
  • Use a Leave in Conditioner. Leave in conditioners, especially water based conditioners, help add additional moisture to your frail strands, as well as some key vitamins without the build up.
  • Dye your hair every few months.  If you genuinely need to. that gives you a chance to learn your dyed hair’s porosity.

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