Tips for going heat free

From personal experience, I have learned and seen huge differences in natural hair when no heat is present. I haven’t used any form of heat in my hair at all over the last year. (My nappaversary is the 19th of February *shimmies*).  Even though it is hard to do for some to do. I am terrified of heat damage and I am too lazy to fight with a blow dryer.. lol

Here are some tips that have helped me over the past year. And it has definitely done my hair some justice.

Tip 1. Practice Heat Free Styles

Heat free styling is the best way to feel comfortable going heat free. I style my hair in twist, or flat twist during the week. I also use scarves and bows to help keep my braids in for a few days. When I get tired of that, I take my twists or flat twists out, and voila! I have a bomb,well defined twist out.

I normally do my hair on freshly washed hair, I prefer wet twist outs, for definition than dry ones. If you prefer to do dry hair, you can let your hair dry, and then twist or flat twist it.

You can also do flexi rods or perm rod sets, you can also do “wet sets” or roller sets. Roller wraps, whatever your heart desires.

There are many different styles and ways to maintain your hair, heat free.

Tip 2. Use a T-Shirt if you need to dry up some hair

If you hate having water running down your neck, or you just prefer to get rid of the excess water, you can use a t-shirt instead of a blow dryer or a towel. Towels can damage the hair cuticle and cause damage. Along with frizz. Even though, towels can soak up a lot of water, T-Shirts are so much better. They soak up just as much water, and don’t cause damage or frizz. Looks like a win-win.

Tip 3. Get used to having big, frizz free hair!!

Sometimes, using heat can thin out your natural hair. It can keep your hair from being voluminous and thick. Less heat, means less wear and tear on your hair. The less damage you’re causing to your hair, the bigger your hair will be as it grows out. Everyone loves frizz-less curls.

Tip 4. Use the LOC or LCO method

Keep all of the water that your hair retained from washing and seal it in. This can help solve your dry hair and scalp issues. Fighting brittle hair is best when you start with water. The best moisturizer known to man, is water. No product can do what water can for your hair. The more water you seal in with the LOC or LCO method is better for your hair. It’s the easiest way to combat brittle and dry hair. It’s an avoidable issue.

What difference can heat free styling make?

Heat free styling has amazing benefits when done for long periods of time. It helps you retain length, reduce frizz  and damage and it helps you achieve fuller and healthier hair. Going heat free, definitely helps your hair get back to it’s healthiest form. It’s pretty easy once you get used to it. I personally don’t see the big issue some people have with going heat free.


Going heat free doesn’t mean just wash and go’s and afros.  You can rock really cute styles. You are limited to rockin’ a puff, either. Natural hair is very versatile.

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