You Deserve The World, Claim It

*Disclaimer: If this post offends you, I’m not sorry. I can’t and won’t apologize for what I say. Like my friend Dominique says “You can’t be a pacifist when you speak the truth”*

“Stand tall, two feet on the ground.”


We are all given a spirit of discernment and a choice to use free will.. Which means we choose what we entertain, the situations we get into; and ultimately the life and struggle we live. Ultimately, WE CHOOSE. When things don’t go right, we blame God. When things go well, we claim the victory for ourselves… “Who else could have gotten me here… but me?” Hmm…

Sometimes we don’t use them the way we should. We allow people and I mean ALL PEOPLE, family, friends, kids, associates, coworkers, exes, etc. To control what we do or how we do it. How happy we can be, the levels of success we achieve, the peace we feel, ETC. We allow our “good nature” to keep certain things at bay just so others don’t feel “too bad”. Do you know how many times I’ve watched the people that I truly care about, live their lives to please other people and they end up depressed and unhappy? And the people they’re cautiously living for are out here, happy as ever, bouncing around living life on their own terms; making their OWN choices.. AND GOOD!!  not concerned about them or their feelings.

But we’re too busy making sure everybody else is good… but can YOU say that you’re happy?

Stop Letting People Make YOU Feel bad about choosing you FIRST

We have the right and the spirit to choose what vibes and energies we deal with; and how far we allow things to go. We have the right to say every version of “hell no” we can muster up WITHOUT having to feel bad about choosing ourselves first.

We’re too busy catering to the likes of other people. Allowing the feelings of others to dictate how we live our lives or are choices. What we should study in school, Where we choose to work, live, the friends we keep, who we date. and how we live OUR lives… But why? Why does it truly matter HOW they feel about your choices, if you’re the one that has to deal with it in the long run. How you deal with your unhappiness, depression and/or how you choose to cope with either or both. If you’re still here to DEAL with it!!

How can you ever say that you are happy, truly happy and at peace; Both of which you deserve; by living your life according to the way others feel that you should be living it? Everyone has feelings you have to “dance around”. But who exactly is looking out for you and your feelings? Do they care if you’re happy or not? If you can sleep at night? Do they care if you feel fulfilled or content with what you’ve done or where you’ve been? Do you really think they know God’s path for you, better than you?

Yes, They may call you selfish, but your life is just that…. yours. No one has to answer for the life you’ve lived or lived through; but you. Your thoughts, feelings, purpose and future will only matter to others, if they matter to you. If you can stand firm and choose yourself (thoughts, feelings and choices) first; everything else will follow. And that’s solely up to you.

You Deserve EVERY bit of Peace & Happiness

Let’s face it. Whether you believe it or not, you do deserve every little bit of love, peace & happiness under the sun. Period,

I’ve fought and cried my way through a lot, just to take control of my own life. And even then, it wasn’t enough. Once I realized that I could, should and WILL make my own decisions, period. That was just it. There were no more discussions, no arguments or “final says”. It was just “this is what I’m CHOOSING to do for me; and I’m happy.”  and that was it. There’s no more chasing, crying and arguing; No more stressing over what’s best for everyone else but me.. Just no more.

Choose Wisely

You are deserving of every bit of happiness, peace, success and love you can get. Even if others make you feel like you don’t. Surround yourself with Positive Peer Pressure. Allow others to breathe into you the things that you deserve; by giving you support, not ultimatums. People that protect your peace without you having to ask. People that SEE you for who you are. But most importantly, a safe place to lay your head when you’re unsure of how much longer you can carry your weight.

You deserve the world. Claim it.



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