Diva By Cindy- Product Review

Diva By Cindy- Product Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing two items from the  Diva By Cindy’s “The Moisture Set” line and two items from the “Stimulating Set”.

When I initially started this review, I was fresh out of a protective style. Which means my hair was FILTHY!! And No I am not proud. I also washed my hair weekly, but there’s always that pocket of lint of filth that gathers at the base of every braid… And it was gross. And then half way through this review, not only was I able to try it on the dirtiest hair of them all, I also dyed my hair a Cherry Red, and was able to use and see the same products on color treated hair.

So let’s get started

Moisture ShampooThe Moisture Shampoo - Diva By Cindy

Natural Non-Color-Treated Hair (On Dirty Hair)

So, I wasn’t sure how I expected for the shampoo to work.. My hair was dirty, and really dry and on the brink of locing… I was also being very lazy, and I did not pre-poo or detangle my hair prior to washing.. I really just wanted to get it over with and deal with the consequences later.

Well, when I used this shampoo, I was slightly shocked that it lived up to it’s name. My hair, felt less brittle and softer with every rinse and lather cycle, 3 total. My scalp felt clean and I also checked to see if the filth from around the base of the braids were gone… and who would have thought; clean baby! It was clean and not dry or brittle. It gave my hair back it’s shrinkage, it made my tangles not as bad… But they were still present

Color Treated Hair

Now, Color treated hair is definitely one of the worse one to wash, in my opinion. Mine was bleached and then dyed (smh), and it was very very brittle and dry. When I washed it, I didn’t get the same super soft results as I got on my natural non-color-treated hair, as above. But it still did the job. My hair was still clean AND even better, my color didn’t run.

The Stimulating Conditioner

Natural Non-Color-Treated Hair The Moisture Conditoner - Diva By Cindy

Tingles. Lord, I loved the tingles and how I could feel it dancing across my scalp.

Just Relaxing… But for my actual strands? They felt like heaven. I was able to feel the instant difference from before I started my wash day, until now. I was able to start some minor finger detangling, but not much(due to being lazy) , and also I could see my hair spring back. My scalp felt invigorated and refreshed. My hair was instantly softer, a lot softer, than I would have expected from a conditioner. I could see my coils pop back, and I could also run my fingers through my hair. There wasn’t a lot of shedding or pulling during my wash routine.

Color Treated Hair

This. Worked. A. MIRACLE!!! And  I mean it. So, color treated, bleached, lifted hair, is DRY!! Even when it was soaking wet, it felt brittle and dry. I almost regretted dying my hair. This conditioner treated my hair way better than the deep conditioner I used created especially for color treated hair. My curls were elongated and appeared to be slightly damaged by the chemicals, and but they instantly bounced back after I applied the conditioner and over the course of the next 5 than 10 minutes I could feel my hair soften. It was better than many protein treatments than I’ve used as well as some deep conditioners. I give this 5 whole stars!! Especially with color treated hair. It made my life and hair, easier.

The Leave-in Detangling Conditioner

This product I used on my hair as well as my son’s. I was actually able to record how it worked for him.

My Natural Fresh out of a protective style hair

After I washed and conditioned my hair, I got really busy and never got around to doing my actual hair.. I never sealed in any moisture nor did I use a leave in conditioner on my hair… =( I know, terrible natural. Well, When it was around 1opm that night, hours after I had washed my hair. It was SUPER dry. My hair felt brittle again, it was dry and when I tried to stretch out my coils, there was major shedding.


I parted my hair in sections and detangled in small sections before sealing in that moisture and using a curl cream to seal and style. I after detangling with the Leave in Detangler Conditioner by Diva by Cindystarted spraying and combing from the ends. there wasn’t much pulling, I didn’t hear any hair ripping out. The detangler itself left my hair feeling soft and refreshed. It also helped replace the moisture I lost when I allowed my hair to air dry completely without putting any type of product in it.  the photo to the right, is how much hair I lost after washing and conditioning my hair and allowing my hair to air dry. MY hair was NEVER detangled completely and there were still major sections that were matted and tangled. And the shrinkage was crazy. I expected triple the hair loss, especially since my protective style was in for over a month.


For My Son’s Hair

So, my son has this high top fade thing going on, and of course he’s a boy. which means his hair is being washed a few times a week, and also that he is sleeping on his hair, every night. Every morning, it’s matted, dry and frizzy. and it’s almost impossible to comb out. This morning, He argued me down about using a come in his curls, and I tried to convince him that this would be an “ouch free” process. and IT was!! I saturated his hair with the Leave-in detangling conditioner and I was able to comb through his curls without much noise from him. The comb glided through his curls and left everything moisturized and shiny. It also curled right back up once I finished combing it out. It’s safe to say this is Kiddo Approved.


Super Gro Super Gro

I think it’s safe to say that I love products that invigorate my skin. I love the tingling feeling, and this is definitely it. I applied the Super Gro Hairdress to my scalp and my edges. I loved the fresh feeling it left on my scalp. It also reduced the dryness and flakes that was left behind by the protective style. My scalp is very sensitive, and certain types of products will make my scalp itch, tender or even sore. But this one did the complete opposite. It helped with the tender spots, as well as the spots that felt inflamed. Using the products for a few days did reduce the soreness.




I loved this line, I would love to  see a curl creme or definer… lol but Hey! You can’t be choosey. The product line was amazing and overall, it was nourishing to my hair and scalp and made my hair more manageable. The scents were amazing and it was gentle on my scalp and hair. No breakouts and no breakage/damage. It’s hard to find things that work for my hair that doesn’t make my scalp itch.


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