Eating Habits & Hair Growth

Hair growth, along with weight-loss, toning up and getting healthier, starts with what you consume. Your diet, along with stress, ultimately decide how your hair grows.

Here are some mega-foods and nutrients that you may want to include in your diet for healthier hair growth weight loss.

The one thing that I have found, that your hair, reacts to what you put inside of your body.

1. Drink more water, less processed juices and sodas.
2. Juice your own drinks or make more fruit smoothies.
3. Eat more vegetables.
A. Avocados
B. Broccoli
C. Spinach
D. Kale
**The darker the green vegetable the better.
4. More beans and Legumes
A. Peanuts
B. Peas
C. Lentils
** Other foods that are rich in iron and zinc.
5. More foods with Biotin
A. Eggs (B-12)
B. Carrots
C. Milk
D. Bananas
E. Avocados
F. Raspberries
6. Foods high in Omega-3 fats
B. Beef
C. Shrimps
D. Halibut
E. Flax Seeds
F. Walnuts

The products that you use in your hair isn’t the only thing that can cause your hair damage. You do have to be cautious of what you eat, that will also help you lose weight. Be more “food conscious”.

Why is your food intake so important?

Hair is 91 percent proteins (mostly keratin). Your hair is made up of chains of amino acids. That means that in order to “grow” hair, you must constantly replenish your body. You have to be very cautious of what you ingest. You have to put the right items in your body to get the outcome you are searching for.

Pay attention to your hair. If you are unsure of anything, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Sometimes when our hair thins or falls out, that is a sign of a vitamin deficiency, lupus or a form of alopecia and many other health problems. Never brush off any signs that you are unsure of. Always get checked out just to be sure.

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