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Ella’s Concoctions is now Ella + Co. All links have been updated.

I had thee ultimate pleasure of reviewing Ella’s Concoctions.

All of the ingredients used are raw and organic. Homemade and created with love.

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When I opened the box, the packaging was amazing. NOTHING, and I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING spilled out in the box. There were two oils, and a body scrub that could have made a mess in there. BUT the way that it was packaged kept everything in tact. No spills, no mess. Perfect!!

Juicy Nectar Spritzer


It has a very sweet scent. It smells kind of like a light honey.

After Use

I have been using this on both my skin and hair. Especially during these winter Iike months. Skin: I spritzed my skin with this whenever it appeared dry. I would rub it in, and my skin instantly looked and felt rejuvenated and soft. It definitely kept my skin from peeling during this harsh winter like weather. Hair: I definitely prefer to use this in my hair than on my skin. This spritzer has definitely revived my wash and go’s and allowed me to refresh my hair nightly before doing my flat twist. It didn’t soak my hair or make it sticky which is a plus. It kept my hair soft and served as the liquid for my loc method.  It reduced how many times I had to cowash my hair during the week. I have type 4 hair, which makes water a necessity when it comes to styling. This spritzer did everything I needed and more. It made my hair very easy to detangle, I could use it a couple of times a day and not experience any build up. Overall: I was beyond pleased with this spray. It helped my hair retain moisture and it kept my hair soft. I’ve tried spritzers in the past that made my hair hard, made it fall out and everything in between. But this one was a breath of fresh air. My hair loved it and has definitely been added to my list of favorite things. *I am currently using  this spritzer to moisturize my protective style. It keeps my scalp hydrated and my braids smelling wonderful!

Holy grail Oil for Women


This oil has a minty scent. The blends of oils have a sweet scent to it. I actually really like the scent, and my mom did as well.

After Use

I used this on my scalp only. My scalp felt tingly and nice. It was a very soothing experience. I did this with a 10 minute scalp massage. This oil is heavier than the quickie oil, so I used this every other day on my scalp. My hair grew a half an inch in 3 weeks, I had just dyed my hair when I started with this product, so the growth was definitely beyond obvious. It also helped with my scalp psoriasis. The decrease of scabs present after two weeks was beyond impressive. My scalp started to heal and the tender spots started going away. This meant everything in the world to me.

Quickie Oil For Women


This oil has a vanilla and licorice type of scent. It smells great in the hair and even better on your skin.


I used this oil for both hair and body. I had great results for both. Hair: I used this oil to seal in the moisture from the Juicy Nectar Spritzer. This is the FIRST oil to actually retain the moisture in my hair. Not only did it retain moisture but it also kept my wash and go very well defined (I did not use anything other than oil). For type 4 hair, it did an amazing job. My hair remained soft, it helped seal in moisture and it also helped my hair grow like weeds. I used this oil on my hair (not scalp), it helped heal my ends, and made trims less frequent.

Body Polish


This Body Polish, body scrub smells very sweet.  It smells like lemon, but one that makes you feel happy. It has an aromatherapy feel to it.


This body scrub is not a dry scrub. You can see the mixture of oils on top of the brown sugar. This body scrub made my entire body feel soft. It helped remove all of the dead skin and my skin remained very soft.  It was sensitive enough to be used on my entire body and after rinsing it off, I was left with a nice layer of oil that kept my skin hydrated and moisturized. This was definitely a spa like experience.

Butter Rum Body Butter


The scent for this one is obvious. lol It smells like butter rum.


I can definitely admit that I was a bit concerned using this body butter. When I took some out to use it, you could feel and see the grains of brown sugar and other ingredients. I was afraid that it would leave a mess. As i held it in my hand, I noticed that it instantly started to melt and there weren’t any remnants of sugar left. I used this on my skin over the course of a few weeks. And I can honestly admit that I saw more than just normal improvement. My stretch marks started fading (what woman wouldn’t be happy about that?), my skin glowed and looked even better than ever. The elasticity of my skin returned, and I could see and feel the difference.  It was a great experience. Once the body butter melted into my skin, the smell enhanced and it smelled amazing.


I am definitely a huge fan.


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