Evolve with the Seasons – It’s time

Watching the leaves fall off of the trees has been breathtaking. Feeling the air, the clouds and the smell around me change has been a huge wake up call for me. With the season quickly changing, it reminds me, that it’s time to Evolve with the Seasons. It’s time for personal change and growth. Using the signs of the universe is God’s way of giving you physical signs and reminder that change happens. You may not have been ready for the fall weather but its’ here…  Use this time to shift into the next step.

Evolve with the Seasons – It’s time

As I stare out of the window near my desk at work, it hit me. The tree outside of my window is completely bare. The majority of leaves have already blown away, and it reminded me – that its time to be out with the old parts of me and in with the new. There are parts of me that need to change in order to be a better version of myself. I have to constantly grow within myself in order for life to continue changing and evolving. There are parts of me that were great for the life phase before this one, that needs to be let go – in order to make space for what should come next.

It’s simply time to let go. Learning how to become as fluid as the seasons and evolve within the shift.

Take Advantage of the Seasonal Shifts and Change

Use the energy around you to your benefit. Let go off all things, including habits, that no longer serve you. If you’re uncertain of what those things are – pray and meditate with the intention of gaining clarity. Sometimes, it’s as easy as saying ” I need to meditate every night” to being as difficult as choosing to leave an old relationship (friendships included) that no longer serve your best interest.

Let Venus Retrograde Upgrade You

Venus Retrograde can provide the necessary clarity to let go of old situations. Sometimes, you need to extra boost to let go of situations and relationships that do not serve your best interest. We can be stubborn, jaded and give excuses to the person or situation that genuinely no longer belongs.  Everything will seem and feel super intense within your love relationships – but you have to focus on the reality of every situation. There is beauty in reminiscing but at some point. you may have to let go.


Remember, the trees do not fight to hold on to its leaves. Even though, most people only find beauty in the tree that is full of leaves. IF trees can transition with faith, knowing that their leaves return even more beautiful every spring – shouldn’t you be able to trust that God and the universe will replace everything you’ve let go with something better? All new things come into your life after something old has been removed from its path. Understand that everything in life happens in a cycle. Trust the process.

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