Never Giving Up

It’s so easy to give up and settle for life as we know it. Giving up on our dreams and bettering ourselves. We have children, failed a few times, or just feel that we’ve outgrown the “timeframe”… But either way.. that’s false.

“fall down 7 times, get up 8.” – Japanese Proverb

I have failed SOOOOOOOO many times in my 26 years of life. I’ve cried more than I should have. Gave up on myself. I walked away from dreams… Decided that maybe I just wasn’t good enough to accomplish said dream…. I’ve been shut from signing up for classes by an advisor at an HBCU due to being pregnant with my son; she felt that I should have stayed out of school until my son turned 3 yrs. old. I had to start from the bottom, regain myself and ask myself if following my dream is truly worth it….

How many more times could I possibly get up? I was tired of doors closing, losing opportunities and most importantly… failing myself.

“Dust yourself off and try again…” – Aaliyah

It took a lot of time for me to look at what I had to offer the world, that gave me that push (and it was minor); to try to do something.. I realized that I deserved just as much as anyone else, to live a life that I should be proud of. That no matter how long it took me to finish my degree, or jump start the site, I was more than capable. I just couldn’t count myself out due to the past. It was time for me to try again… and this time, I’ll be confident in my attempt.

What I’ve learned.

It’s okay to start over. Stop looking at the pace everyone else “finished” at; and pay attention to what you’ve accomplished and overcame. Life is hard. Period. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, if you don’t have support or encouragement or if it takes you longer to accomplish your goal(s).

Write them down. break your goals down. Celebrate each and every goal that you meet. It doesn’t matter how big or small that goal may appear to someone else. Nor does it matter how long it took you to accomplish that goal..  If you have kids, look at them.. if you plan on having children, think of them. These are the “little” people that look up to you. They see what you’re doing, how hard you’re willing to work and everything you’ve overcome to get there… And they will be willing to match your ethic and grow up to be just like you.

It’s not and won’t ever be easy… Not everyone will support you or wish you well. You’ll be stressed to capacity. You’ll cry late at night. You might fail a time or three… But never give up.. Everyday that you work at your goal puts you ONE day closer to making that dream happen. All that you have been through won’t be in vain. It will all be worth it in the end. Just keep working. Keep pushing.. and Keep striving.

Your win is coming and it’s labeled just for YOU!

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