Flaws and All

Flaws and All

Life really points out your flaws, I’m the first to take note of mine and try to internally fix them. Not for anyone else, but for myself. I know that sometimes it’s hard to actually sit with yourself and see & accept the fault in yourself. Many of us assume that it isn’t us, it’s them. And sometimes, it is us.

*Right now, I should be asleep, but instead I just finished working out and now I’m writing at 1:52 in the morning.. So forgive my directness*

I know that we have all had moments we wish we could take back. Situations or moments we could start over. Times where we could have had more patience to deal with something in a specific/better way, *I’m definitely at fault there.* And it makes me want to pull my hair out. I frustrate my damn self sometimes, and it irks me. Even when my intentions are pure. I somehow, like we all do, find a last minute reason to f*ck up. Or at least, I just overthink everything until I feel that somehow I messed up.

Yeah, I’m hard on myself, and I forget that I’m human too, but sheesh.

I know that there some things I can blame on myself, and some things I can’t. Ultimately, I am my own person, and I am STILL a work in progress. I can apologize and admit my faults. I’m not perfect and I can’t pretend to be..

Right now? I’m kicking myself for some of my choices. I wish I could have handled situations differently or made better choices.  but I didn’t. And that’s definitely my fault. Even when I truly did try to do things the right way. I sometimes, slipped up.

Now, I know that I may just be in my feelings and in my own head. But I see myself getting in my own way.. I really do. And that’s becoming my issue. I know we’re supposed to be accepted flaws and all. But realistically, How often does that really happen? And who has the patience to stick with someone working through their kinks? *Just a curious statement.. I’m not doubting anyone’s ability or genuineness to actually be there. But in my personal experience people tend to not stick around if it isn’t in their benefit.

Self reflection does not equate to beating yourself up

Hey now, this part may be JUST FOR YOU!! And it’s cool.

Let’s be honest, I’ve been there. As of recently, I realized that I do beat myself up waaayyyy more than the outside world already does, and it isn’t a good thing.

There’s a better way of self reflecting without getting myself down in the dumps. I’m self aware, completely. I know for a fact that I’m stubborn, impatient at times, too sensitive, I’m guarded, inquisitive and I might be seen as too sarcastic. Being aware of these things, I do try to tame and limit how often the occurrences may happen. I try to give new situations and relationships a chance; before self sabotaging or just being sooo guarded that people can’t get to know me. I also try to be more fluid, by going with the flow instead of being fixed/stubborn; which is something Taurus are known for,

I’m constantly working on improving and perfecting myself. Learning to be more comfortable and self aware. Working to be bigger and better in all capacities of my life. Simply Because I deserve to be at my best… for me.

Accept Yourself Flaws and All

Love and accept yourself as is. Give yourself chances. Understand that you will make mistakes. But also understand that YOU can always fix them. Life allows you different opportunities to be great. Learn from your mistakes, remember to dust yourself off and always try again. Do not condemn yourself when you fall short. Keep moving, keep breathing Keep Shaking.. and move on to bigger better. Humble yourself and drop your ego when necessary. But always stand up for yourself when needed, and never be afraid to say, “no”.

You are destined for greatness, regardless of where you came from. Choose to be great daily. And strive for more. But most importantly, remain peaceful and joy-filled. You are a work in progress.


Peace & Light,



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