H2Oil Hair Oil

H2Oil Hair Oil

I had the pleasure of reviewing H2Oil Hair oil over the last two months.  I used this oil as apart of my LOC method, I also used it to maintain my weekly protective styles .

What’s in it?

This oil is a mixture of: Extra Virgin Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Hamamelis, Water, Mellifera, Fragrance.

It smells like witch hazel, (weird) lol, but the scent goes away once it’s dry and it is not noticeable if you use it along with other products.

How well does it work?

It works great!!

At first, I was using it as the O(oil) in the LOC method. It did a great job sealing the moisture in my hair and it didn’t give my twist a weird scent. I was able to keep these mini twist in for two weeks, without dealing with any type of dryness or scabbing.

Eventually, I figured I would try the oil alone and see how well it would do on my next set of twist. And I was completely surprised. my twist were “dampened” by the water in the H2Oil, and the oil, sealed in that moisture perfectly. It was definitely the L(liquid) and the O(oil) in one spritz.


I loved this oil. It has definitely become a staple product. It helped my scalp in more ways than one. I wasn’t able to keep twist in for more than a few days without my scalp scabbing.

This product is definitely worth repurchasing.



H2Oil Hair Oil and Hydration by H2OilCompany on Etsy




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