to dye or not to dye… that is the question.

I am seriously having a HUGE dilemma. okay, well maybe not huge. but….

In April, I dyed my hair bright red auburn, and I loved it. after a few months, I vowed that I would never dye my hair again (yes, it was that serious).  I wanted to have all of my hair all natural (hair color included) and just thrive with my natural color. I hated how my hair texture changed and got all extra dry. It was just a really sucky hair moment for me. I tried every protein treatment known to naturals, even purchased my own. nothing worked. It was terrible.

Fast forward a couple months.

And then one day, I was playing with my mom’s hair. And she has it dyed a copper tone that I LOVE!! Now, I really, really started debating dying my hair again. Seriously contemplated it, held the dye in my hands. and tried to figure out how the  dye and my already dyed ends will take to the dye, the whole nine. I was considering just dying half of my twa, or just the ends. I really paced with these thoughts.

As I really sat there and pondered this, I was like “Hold the hell up, oh no the hell you don’t, boo”. lol I don’t have anything against naturals that choose to dye their hair. Seeings as how I am currently one of them. lol I’m just trying to give my hair a clean break. No more color. Eventually the 3 inches of hair that has color on it will grow out and be cut off. and then I’ll be all natural (hair color wise, I’ve been a natural for a while lol).

When it comes to dying your hair, you have to be super cautious of how you care for your hair and make sure that you are always testing the porosity so that you are using the proper sealing techniques. that’s a whole rant in itself. lol I just hate what the dye did to my hair, but I LOVE THE COLOR that I had from it. Until I got sick of it and wanted to dye my hair back.

I just need to leave my TWA alone. I’m convinced.

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