Hair Typing Gone WRONG

Personally I believe that their is beauty in ALL hair types. I am VERY proud of my hair type.  Like I always say, I am a TYPE FOUR KINKY COILY GIRL, AND I am quick to admit that.

I also HATE the hair typing system. I feel that it categorizes naturals instead of uniting them. Hair typing does not help you find products that work for your hair. Every head of hair is different and what works for one scalp may not work for yours.  Period. Asking for tips and suggestions to help build your regimen, is okay but asking someone for their step by step so that you can mimic it product for product expecting the same results is not okay.


This is where I feel the hair typing system fails. I had this conversation earlier today with one of my curl friends. Because it is really something that bothers me. Especially within the natural hair community. I have seen too many women lie about their hair type. They will sit there and tell you that they are a 3A/3B and that the products youtubeuser88 is using isn’t working for them or that their hair is breaking off.  Or that there hair is a 3c/4a mixture. And when they send pictures you don’t see this 3C anything at all. in no section (-_-).

What’s wrong with just being a type 4? Why are some trying soooo hard to manipulate their textures into something “prettier” (as they claim), I always get the well, youtubeuser876 has this type of hair and I want it.

Girl, I cannot take the foolishness. I can’t. I don’t have a type 3 anything hair type. And I don’t try to. I am not out here lying to my readers letting them think that I have this super curly, elongated mane. Nope. I have a fro, I have type four kinky coily hair. And that is the complete end of it.

Acceptance of self is key in ANY situation. including your hair type. You have to embrace YOUR NATURAL as is. Nobody can make you love your hair. Nobody can make you embrace it. But one day you WILL have to say, I have type 4 hair. I have kinky hair. I have coily hair. And just live with your truth.

Who are you trying to impress? When you went natural you should have been liberating yourself from these stereotypes and creating your whole identity. You should not have been creating more problems for yourself in the natural world. You should not be lying to yourself and your hair. Give your hair the loving that it deserves and leave all the other “typing” systems alone.

And if you are going to hair type your self, then wear your TRUTH and embrace it. I do not believe that any hair type is better than another. I, personally, feel that every hair texture is beautiful, Healthy hair is pretty. And that’s it. I don’t do subdivisions. I don’t lie about my hair texture. And I don’t pretend that it is something different.

Embrace what God gave you. Wear your crown of glory proudly.


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