My Head & Shoulders Experience

My Head & Shoulders Experience

Man, every time i think of this. I crack up, in tears. At the time, I was on the brink of tears, calling for my mama; literally.
This is why I NEVER recommend Head and shoulders to new naturals or transitioners. Especially Transitioners. The two different textures react differently, and the mix, causes an issue.

story time
(Facts Only)

I had braids in my hair for a few months, which I did wash frequently (every week, or every other week. I can’t go long between washes). And when I finally took them out, I gave my hair a day and washed it the very next day.

Since I had noticed that I had some flakes, my first instinct was to wash with head and shoulders. and at first I thought ALL was going well.. I washed it like normal and then I deep conditioned and went on my merry way. When it came time to blow dry my hair, all hell broke loose. I could BARELY get the blow dryer through a part. Nor could I comb the mess. I was pissed off, mad and crying. I tried to look in a mirror to see if I could fix it on my own, but nothing I could do helped. I broke a few combs and a brush in the process.

In typical fashion

My first instinct was to call for my mama. When my mother saw the mess, she laughed at me. Wholeheartedly. Until she realized that I wanted and needed her to detangle and blow dry it for me.

We used half a bottle of conditioner of conditioner, and almost two hours later, We, well I mean she, finally had the mess detangled and blow dried.

I lost so much hair that day lol from the shedding that would have happened naturally came out in that one detangle shedding.

It was a scary moment

When all of this happened I was a new mama, my son was probably a 2 months at the time. lol I was very fortunate that he was asleep during this process. It was some real work.

I realized that the head &shoulders caused my hair to tangle, mat and dry out. In reality, the experience was AWFUL. When naturals tell me that they are dealing with flakes and dry scalp I definitely point them towards a few home remedies.

Alternatives to Fight Dry scalp and Dandruff
-Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses
-Tea Tree Oil
-Rosemary rinses
-Rosemary oil
-Shea butter (very small amounts)
-spritzing your scalp and lightly oiling your scalp can definitely help as well. Sometimes our skin needs that additional boost from water, that no true product can give it.

**plus, scalp massages help promote hair growth by improving your scalp’s blood circulation* But I’ll detail that on another post.


I won’t lie and say that my head & shoulders experience was a good one, maybe one day I’ll try it again. But who knows. If I do, I’ll let you know.

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