Hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments can be essential for many naturals.

The normal claim is that hot oil treatments are ONLY for dry and brittle hair and that it’s purpose is to make dull, dry, breaking hair more manageable, soft and shiny.

Now some facts about hot oil treatments, are pretty simple and straight to the point,


You can prepoo with a hot oil treatment before you wash. This method actually makes it easier to cleanse the hair. The oil softens the cuticle and the dirt and makes it easier to wash. The additional benefit is that it protects the hair from the harshness of shampoos. Most shampoos dry out your hair, so this is a great step to protect your hair. It also makes cowashing more effective.

You can do it after you wash.  You can apply the oil and sit under a hair dryer. or you can warm the oil and put it on with a shower cap and wrap a warm towel around your head. Your choice. But using that method will help your hair retain moisture and keep your scalp from being dry.


The second method helps seal in moisture this. Normally when you do hot oil treatments, your hair is wet. Oil seals moisture into your hair, warm oil penetrates into the hair shaft. The oil sticks to the water molecules and keeps your hair moisturized longer and keeps your hair softer. BUT as with anything else it must be done weekly/bi-weekly for it to be effective.




  • Hi my hair is natural keeping the length retention has been difficult with heat/humidity elements from the sun my length is curly Betty Boop type style and I would like to continue to grow my natural hair thanks for your encouragement on the tutorial for natural hair product junkie.

    • Hi!! Sorry for the late reply!! But when it comes to my favorite products; it really depends on your hair texture and how it absorbs water. I love ANYTHING that can help my hair retain moisture. During the winter & the summer. Lol sometimes you have to switch it up. If you can retain moisture you can decrease breakage & dry hair. Which are two HUGE things that can stunt growth. Also you want to watch what you eat and how much water you drink. Your diet plays an important part in HOW your hair grows

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