If today was your LAST day on earth.

As many of you know, my family and I have been dealing with a lot. Two of my family members passed away within 10 days of each other. And it has truly made me realize and appreciate every single moment throughout a day.

If today was your last day. Would you be satisfied? Have you said everything you could? Have you done everything YOU could. Have you lived and enjoyed every moment that God placed in front of you?

I know that for some that is a HARD pill to swallow. But many don’t understand that we have a tendency of worrying about everything above our control. *And yes I meant to use the word above.* We tend to want life to move at OUR pace and not God’s. We want him to put a career in our paths, love in our hearts and degrees in our hands. On OUR time. Now, I am not saying that you do not have to work for the things you desire. But you do have to pray & ask GOD for things to be done at HIS will and on HIS watch. Because ignoring GOD’S timing may get you all the “goods” in the world but you won’t get the biggest things your heart needs. God knows your heart’s true desires. HE knows what your heart is meant to do and when. HE unlocks these passions when you have open heartedly accepted HIS guidance.

I know a lot of us tend to be more mental than anything. We put mind over matter and make our selves believe that our hearts would guide us to fail and that’s false. In my heart, I honestly believe that that is the one thing GOD has complete control over that the devil can’t touch. Your mind on the other hand, is the war zone. God and the devil fight over who will have the last say. Where your thoughts will lead you and if the devil wins over your mind it will triumph your heart.

Now, I can already hear the “but that doesn’t make any sense or the but thats not what I want speeches”. Honestly sit down and think about.

How many times have you taken a test and your heart said that’s the right answer but you over thought everything you did based on instinct and ended up getting it wrong because you didn’t trust your heart?

How many times did your heart make you feel like you had nothing to worry about BUT you chose to let your mind convince you that something wasn’t right. So you went diggin to find something and only ended causing problems and ruining a good situation?

Over thinking stuff can seriously drive you insane.

Now we’re at a slight agreement? Lol

Take the time to truly enjoy what God places along your path. The beautiful weather, stop and watch the clouds and just be thankful. Life is entirely too short to worry about five years from now and not realizing that we are on borrowed time. Enjoy the moments you have with the ones you care about. Let people know that you love them and that you are there for them.

Don’t let your thoughts consume you. Lead with your heart and know that what is meant for YOU will be YOURS. Nothing, no human or even time, can take what’s meant for you.

Embrace it, accept it & own it.

I hope your heart brings you peace today.

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