It’s Okay To Let Go

It’s that time of year, again!

Mentally, we’re preparing to enter a new year; while simultaneously planning and setting goals to better ourselves. But in order to step into the newest phase of our lives, it’s time to rid ourselves of dead weight. We have to understand that it’s okay to let go. Not everyone and everything in your life right now, is meant to make it to the next level. Shed the dead weight and prep for greatness.

We shouldn’t have to force people to show up. You shouldn’t have  to harass anyone to spend time with  you, be there for you, etc. Especially, if people are showing you their true colors.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

This quote holds true. People show their true colors and you just have to accept them as is. We tend to be “hopeful” and keep people in our lives even when they show how much they REALLY just don’t want to be there.  We just whole heartedly want what we want. And in turn, we see the “best” in people or even just their potential… You can’t continue to make excuses just to hold on to someone who really just doesn’t belong there in the first place. Let them GO!! Find a way to say good bye, and get off that bridge.  Yes, it may be a little rough to do, but it’s possible. And was your brush that weight off, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

We hold hands with the devil and get upset when we miss out on our blessings. But the truth is, if we’re blocking our own blessings , We  really can’t be upset if we remain stagnant for another year or more. If we’re too concerned about our past and less focused on the future. That’s how you set yourself up for failure. You are choosing to settle.

Don’t Just Stop At People

Life, is all about taking chances. Stepping out of your comfort zones to reach new heights. Keyword: New Heights. That may actually involve exploring other employment options, starting your own business, going back to school, etc. Anything that will put you on the right path to purpose your purpose. Nope, it won’t be easy.. But it’ll be the smoothest and most fulfilling ride you’ve ever taken.

You can’t feel bad for choosing to look out for yourself and choosing to move forward in peace. You can’t allow people and situations to drain you. This is definitely an issue of mine, but I actually had a moment of clarity . I had to remind myself that not only am I worthy for happiness… But I am also worthy of peace, success and balance. Stress doesn’t mean that I’m doing my best. It just means that I’m being entirely too hard on myself and carrying too much weight… Ultimately, it’s unnecessary and unhealthy.

My hope is that you allow yourself to walk into 2017 lighter, happier and filled with peace. Get rid of the toxic and negative energies and put that positive energy and focus into yourself. Don’t ever feel guilty for choosing to live life for yourself first.

Life will move on, Regardless of what side of the spectrum you fall on. Just choose peace at all times. Remain thankful and remember  to LIVE!

There’s no such thing as “simply existing” in 2017

Love & Light,


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