It’s Time To Choose YOU – The Self-Care Edition

It’s Time To Choose YOU – The Self-Care Edition

Flashback about three years ago. I was very insecure, drained, and unhappy. Filled with negative emotions and just the overwhelming feeling that I was undeserving of any and all things good. It took life to force me into a space, where peace was literally all that I could muster up to offer myself. I had to realize that it was worth the attempt. It was a sudden death match, either you fight to truly live or you’ll succumb to misery…. and that was not the life I desired for myself.

I learned something valuable about myself

Through meditation, I learned to value my resilience. I was able to venture through the depths of my own mind and experiences, to truly see what I have been able to survive and overcome. Throughout this lifetime, even after a plethora of failures and heartbreaks, I have managed to come out victorious. But I somehow lost sight of that along the way. Being super critical of myself at all times, giving myself a hard time, and not celebrating myself enough. I had to stop with the self-doubt talk. I had to start celebrating small wins, every goal achieved and every tear dried – every second lived.  It was time to choose me.

I had to choose myself before I could evaaaa expect someone else to choose me.

Learning how to be number one to myself. Choosing my happiness and peace above all else. Understanding that I was deserving. Taking the time to meditate and practice yoga daily. Dropping crystals in my bra, doing self-healing reiki sessions and self-love baths. I had to learn how to set goals and self-motivate my way to achieving those goals. Pushing myself forward, and not letting myself become stagnant, starting another business, venturing deeper into the world of spirituality and learning more about the best and worst parts of me. It was time to evolve. I’ve removed myself from the people and thing that were not for my greatest and highest good. Some parts of the transition were painful but needed. You can’t expect to grow without intentionally healing and growing through that pain.

Self-love, Self-care, simply choosing self.

I’m still a work in progress, but I’m learning how to cultivate self-love and appreciation. Learning how to build myself up in times where I would normally berate myself. It’s a lot harder to give positive affirmations to yourself when you don’t deem yourself worthy, but easier to give them to someone else who has constantly shown you that they are not. I had to put an end to treating other people better than I treated myself and even better than they treated me. Removing myself from all spaces and people – and truly evaluating who I allow within my space. I’ve slipped here and there, and allowed people who were vibrated at a lower frequency to enter my space of peace – and it was a terrible choice.

Either way, I’ve decided to choose me first. Hopefully, you’ll see the changes, and you’ll be able to understand why loving you first, is so important. Taking care of yourself is a must, cherishing your mind, body and soul.


Peace & Light,


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