Keirenae Hair and Skin Product Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Keirenae hair and skin line. I have a wholeeee lot to say about the line. I will also be posting different videos on Instagram and youtube!


Keirenae Hair and Skin Body Butter "Honey Dipped"Hair and Skin Body Butter – Honey Dipped


First of all, I love the name “honey dipped”…  It just sounds like it’ll be the greatest thing you could EVER put on your skin.. And It made me feel all soft and sexy. I just sat at work for the week just rubbing my arms.. It gave my skin a natural shine. I could smell the soft and sweet scent of honey. I just love that it doesn’t leave residue behind. It goes on smooth and isn’t gritty.

This might just be my favorite…


I  used this right behind the Daily leave-in replenishing conditioner, and I loved it. My hair did not feel weighed down or coated. My hair was light and fluffy and help moisture for 4 days before I needed to add any additional product to it. My hair was still soft to the touch and manageable.


Organic Hair and Body Shea Butter Lotion

Hair lotion? Natural Hair? The last hair lotion I’ve heard of or even used was Pink’s hair lotion back when my relaxed hair was poppin’. So this raised an eye brow or two.

Dry Hair   

IMG_66361-456x456 I let my hair dry out completely after washing, no product. I used this alone to gauge how “moisturizing and conditioning”, it really is. And I was impressed. By using this product on dry hair, I was able to apply small amounts to each section and detangle my hair. Then I did medium twist for a twist out… The definition didn’t hold much, but I blame that on my ends being crap and needing to be trimmed. My hair stayed moisturized

Wet Hair

I used this product on freshly washed hair and paired it with the curly jelly, and got awesome definition. Using the Shea Butter Lotion with the curly jelly removed a lot of the “gel like” hold the curly jelly would have otherwise. Which left a light and fluffy, yet well defined flat twist out definition that lasted a few days…


I used this product to seal in the moisture along with my Cantu Leave in and detangler when I did my flat twist out. Two days after wearing my fro out, I decided to mini twist my hair and I used zero product at that time. My hair has been in twist for almost two weeks. I have only had to spritz my hair with the daily leave-in replenishing conditioner once, and sealed it in with the body polish.


Body Polish by KeireneaBody Polish

Every time I use this, I start singing “Touch my Body” *in my Mariah Carey voice*.

It smells like cucumber and lemon… It has a light fresh scent…

I only use this item when I’m fresh out of the shower. I dried my skin off lightly, every time, and left a little moisture behind. I use light amounts of this oil, everywhere except my face. And it definitely left my skin feeling soft. It added a soft shine to my skin, and definitely removed any white dryness that I may have had between the webbings of my fingers and toes, the creases of my arms and the backs of my legs.  I felt like really showing skin, and letting someone rub my arm for the day…


Curly JellyCurly Jelly by Keirenea

My Hair

My birthday hair was on point, and My definition lasted the WHOLE night. That means through the heat, the drizzle and the sweat from dancing all night. The one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the “gel like” hold this product has when used by itself. I have kinkier hair, so the crunch doesn’t really work well with my hair. But used with a hair butter or hair lotion, it definitely does a great job.

My son’s hair

My son has a curlier hair texture than mine. His hair curls up instantly when wet. I use this product after the daily leave-in replenishing conditioner. For his hair, the gel like hold is needed. It keeps his curls intact while he is ripping, running and sweating at daycare and school. I can use the leave in with small amounts of the curl jelly for 3-4 days between washes; without his hair getting flaky or turning white. It doesn’t leave behind much residue… And for that, I am thankful.


Intense Deep Restorative Conditioner Intense Restorative Deep Conditioner

Have you ever fallen in love and cried when you realized it was over?

That was me, when I reached the bottom of this deep conditioner. I am a lover of all things restorative or protein based. Anything that will help improve whatever damage or protein loss I’ve had over the course of the week or month.

In this past month alone, my hair was lifted twice, and then I applied this cherry red rinse to my hair. My hair was super dry and struggling, after all of the lifting. My hair barely had any shrinkage, it was dry, and when it air dried there was zero definition. No product worked for definition, it was just a brittle and dry mess.

I used this twice, and both times I loved the results. Once I applied the deep conditioner to my hair, I could immediately feel the difference. My hair was a lot softer, allowed for easier detangle with and without the deep conditioner for slip. I barely had any shedding during the detangling process with and without the deep conditioner. My hair remained softer, even after the following wash. It didn’t feel as wiry as it did after the first use, and after the second it was gone. My hair is back to retaining moisture and very “springy”. my shrinkage is back, so is my natural definition. Definitely worth buying, and don’t get the sample size either, that’ll just break your heart even faster.


Daily Leave-In Replenishing Conditionerkeishareeves6-456x456


I loved this one. I’m a sucker for a good leave in conditioner. This was used daily on my hair as well as my son’s, as a refresher prior to sealing in moisture. My son HATES combing his hair, and there are very few leave-in spritzes that actually do our hair any justice. We have different textures, and it works well for both.

It keeps his hair soft enough to detangle, and it instantly curls back up once I comb through it. I can even finger detangle is hair in the mornings, before applying additional product.

I have also been able to spritz my scalp and hair with this every few days and seal that moisture in. Some products make my hair hard, but this one keeps my hair soft and shiny. My twist are still in good condition since the install, almost two weeks ago.




Growth Spurt Hair Elixir


oooohhhhh Tingles!! Seriously, I love products that tingle. It just such a relaxing feeling after a long, stressful day. I used small amounts of this oil on the tips of my fingers and focused using this product on my scalp, giving each section a 5 minute massage. After using this product for about 2 weeks, I did notice some growth and fullness around my edges and nape. Also, my hair color has grown out a little bit as well. My new growth is a thicker and a lot shinier than it had been over the last few months.


I loved the line, I’m a fan of body and hair products that can be used for the whole family. I loved the scents for the items and how well they worked. I have a very sensitive scalp and skin, and I never broke out ONCE with any of the products I used. Or any itching.

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