Let Go and Let GOD

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge HIM , and he shall direct thy paths” Proverbs 3:5 (kjva)

I take this bible verse every where I go. Mentally, I live by this; or try to at least. Sometimes you have to LET GO AND LET GOD. Yes it may be the hardest thing you will EVER do. But it is definitely worth it.

Let’s speak from my own experience. That’s all I can truly give you….

There was a time and place when my life was completely falling apart. I didn’t have anywhere to turn. I was depressed and miserable. And NOTHING I mean NOTHING could help make me feel any better than I did. I went through a lot of phases and fell on a lot of emotional hurdles. And it was almost impossible for me to pick myself up again.

I couldn’t understand why my life had went down the route it took. I didn’t understand why I was being so overwhelmed with things when all I did was try to be a good person and avoid the rest. Fast forward to after I had my son. I realized that life wasn’t mine to live anymore. But it was more than just living for my son. I had to fix something. I needed more of something. and I realized exactly what it was.

The more I started praying and meditating and sitting with God. The better I started to feel. I gave GOD my ENTIRE heart. Everything that was in it. Every woe, every ache, every inch of happiness, my flaws and my fears. I learned that I was not in control of my life. BUT my steps were already guided for me.

I also picked up on something HUGE!!!

I have always wondered why me? Why did God put me thru everything that HE did? Why did I have to suffer in that manner? and then a I realized one thing. Every person, has their cross to carry. Your cross is the weight and length it is meant to be for a reason. Trying to cut your cross down so that it is easier for you to carry it in this lifetime will NOT benefit you in the long run. One day, you will need that cross to get you through something, but if you shorten it in anyway, how are you going to cross your bridge? Your cross will be too short to get you across or you won’t know how to use it. YOU WILL NEVER GET TO YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE IF YOU’RE CONSTANTLY TAKING SHORT CUTS.

Now this is where LETTING GOD, goes into play. You have to settle and be okay with the idea that YOU (yes you) DO NOT RUN YOUR LIFE. As much as you may think you do, you’re wrong. Your steps have already been laid out for you. Everyone you are destined to have in your life has already been picked out and placed along your path. Everything you are meant to accomplish is already in the works for you, as long as you follow God. Now, I know some of you don’t know where to start when it comes to building your own relationship with God and how to build your trust and faith. but the beauty of that, is YOU. You pick your pace, you build your love and trust. and YOU pick when you’re ready to let God lead you.


And I mean that with every piece of my heart. He led me to naturalhairjunkies, and gave me the chance and opportunity to support and help many of you out. And that, makes my heart beat.

My life is starting to go in a WAY better direction than it ever has. and to be honest I am happy. I pray every day, some nights I get so caught up in that 40 minutes can go by and I wouldn’t even notice.

My nightly prayer.

God, You know my heart’s contents. You know what I truly desire and what I deserve. YOU also know what is best for me. I trust YOUR judgment and your actions. EVEN though I may not always understand or agree with them. Please grant me the patience and wisdom to be who you want me to be and the strength to keep me on the right path. Please, guide me in the right direction and protect me, my family, and friends along the way. Protect me from those that wish me harm and guide me at all times. Thank you for everything you have done for me today. and everyday before it.  Amen.


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