“I liked your hair better relaxed”

There is always that ONE individual that LOVES to tell other people about how pretty your hair “used to be” when you were getting relaxers. With you sitting right there of course. 

I, honestly, don’t understand the purpose of the person that does this. Your opinion on my “old hair” has absolutely nothing to do with me embracing and loving my actual hair. I never understood WHY someone feels the need to tell OTHER people about my old hair, and disrespect me to my face. It irritates me that people can be that close minded and ignorant.  I have never said that “I prefer your hairline from 2006 or your ponytail capabilities from the 90’s. Or your edges from the 80’s”.

Yet, there is always that one person, that has to point out a “negative” to a room full of people. and most of the time to strangers.  That’s the type of thinking that blows my existence. My hair doesn’t need to be the topic of negative conversation. It shouldn’t even be talked about unless it’s a conversation that includes ME.

Talking about me to my face? Now that is disrespectful.

I just don’t know WHY she went and did that to herself.

Oh wait, let me check the f***s, I mean CARES, I give…………………………………………………………. NONE!!!

What exactly did I do to myself? I chose to accept myself the way GOD made me. I don’t see what’s wrong with accepting my DNA as is.

I got tired of scalding and damaging my scalp. Having my hair fall out by the handfuls, and stressing to keep my hair and edges sleek and smooth. I had a long bout with scalp psoriasis and terrible scabbing.  My scalp was so sore all of the time. The worst part was avoiding water and sweat in between washes. lol

I chose to have a healthy scalp, and let my natural hair run its course.  I chose to just let my hair be… I just don’t see why people feel the need to try and make feel like I’ve done something wrong. Like I’m shaming my people with my hair. Accepting my natural hair shouldn’t be considered a taboo. Accepting my natural hair shouldn’t be a flaw or a problem. Accepting my natural hair, as is, she just be me embracing myself. As is. Naturally.





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