Love or lack there of.

Disclaimer: I will be very sappy and honest**

I consider myself to be a hopeless romantic.

I genuinely love seeing people in love and happy.

Real love.

I know that I am only 23, however, many of my peers have been in long term relationships, are getting engaged and are starting their families. And I’m just over here, being the mother of one, building my brand, and going to school full time.

No Love In Sight

I’m just like everyone else. Of course I want to fall in love with someone and start building a life and future with them. Sometimes it’s disheartening. I do lose hope, but I put that energy and effort into other things and different ambitions.

I get a lot of e-mails, where women feel the way I do. And I do encourage them to not have a negative outlook on life and love. Because I genuinely do believe that they shouldn’t. Regardless of how life treats me one day, I manage to keep a positive thought and dream in my mind and heart.

blaaahhhhhh! LOL

But on a deeper, more genuine note, I do feel that love happens for everyone if we allow it.
Yes if WE allow it

Too many of us are caught up on the physical. Does he (or she) have a six pack (or flat stomach), is he packin’ (does she have a “fatty”), Would he be considered attractive to other women (or men)?

We as humans, have a tendency to see with our eyes and feel with our minds, instead of allowing our hearts to follow the path it chooses. We forget to love blindly (not foolish or stupidly). And we forget to allow ourselves to just connect with someone because we are too caught up and worried about what others think.

My moment of honesty.
I can honestly admit that I am a piece of work. I’m complicated, I’m stubborn and I have a hard, very hard, time showing emotion. I have an issue being vulnerable, and letting my soul glow. I don’t laugh as hard as I would like and I do hide my smiles. But deep down, I do just want to be. With whoever the person is that God has set aside for me. I have chosen not to pray for love, but to ask God to make me the person I need to be in order to continue down this path of life.

But goodness, my patience level is getting verryyyyyyyy short. lol I feel that I’m ready. But there are just too many people out here playing entirely too many games. Everyone is afraid of getting hurt but they don’t realize that by guarding themselves so much, they are hurting someone else. Some people are just confused and don’t know what they truly desire. They’re out here body hoppin without remorse.

I just want something simple. Something happy. Something sweet. Something Genuine. Something that I can call mine. (all mine lol). The one person God made just for me.

(I know many of us think the way I am right now, and it’s only human. We all want love at some point. Many are in denial. lol I am not afraid to admit my flaws, desires, or thoughts. We’re only human)

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