Love Me Right

“Love me right or not at all”

Many of us have said this. But what does it really mean to love you right? What parts of you do you want loved?

I have attempted and failed several times at this dating thing. And in those “fails”, I have learned some very valuable lessons about myself. I just know exactly what it is that I want.. and I refuse to settle and give that up..

I’ll explain.

Yes, it’s true that us women love compliments. We love to hear that we are still beautiful on our worst days, and that we are pretty and fine and everything in between. Just as a reminder, that you see me.. That doesn’t necessarily make us vain. It’s just a form of affection that we seek from that special someone in our lives.

Why you askin’ all them questions?

Now I have been on the receiving end of the “you’re insecure if you’re asking that” accusation. But in reality, I’m not… If I’m asking you, “Why me?” or “what makes me so special to you?” or Why are you choosing me?” That DOES NOT make me insecure!!! IF you want a woman to take you serious. You have to be able to dig deep in your spirit and articulate what makes this woman worth the risk. If you can’t answer the question.. that let’s me know that you must not know the answer… and that’s not a good look.

I honestly already know a lot of what makes me unique. I know what I’ve worked hard to change, in order to become the woman I am right now and will be in the future…. But the real question: is do you?

“If I’m pursuing you…… it must be something, though”

Yeah, it might be something.. But WHAT exactly is that something? Telling me you want me because I’m beautiful, my thighs are thick or because I’m “arm candy”; doesn’t intrigue me. Being called “sexy”, actually irritates my spirit. It doesn’t attract me to you… It doesn’t impress me. Buttering me up DOES NOT WORK!!!! Why not? Because any MALE can tell a woman she’s beautiful or that she has a fat ass and nice lips. But at the end of the day, those qualities mean nothing to me…

And that has nothing to do with conceit. I’m VERY humble and I get yelled at on a regular basis for thinking that way. But that’s just the way I was raised. I’m not the flaunting type… Sorry.

Notice me

If I’m asking you why, it may be because I personally don’t think you’ve noticed me beyond the surface.. Have you really gotten to know me? Have you actually noticed me.. or are you just so consumed with my physical that you forget that anything exists beyond that? Telling me that,
“You’re cute & I’m cute.. so we should be cute together”, makes NO damn sense to me. Being cute will get you ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE. And I mean that. If you can’t capture my mind, you won’t have any parts of me.

What did you fall in love with?

It may be just me.. But I want to be loved for the following reasons. And my physical isn’t one of them.

I want my aura to be noticed. I want you take notice of my personality, fall in love with my spirit. I want someone to be so consumed with my spiritual that my physical is just a bonus. Reach into my soul and see what’s really there.. Are you loving every inch of me or only the pieces you see? Tell me… What it is you love about what makes me.. Me? Piece me together in a way that makes me find the pieces of you that belong with me. Carry me in your spirit, make me a part of your essence… Love the deepest parts of me that nobody can find. Tell me… That you love me because of who God made me to be…

It’s art

Love is an art. You choose the way you want to express your love.. And you do just that. Sing, dance, write or paint your way through. And express your inner findings to her. We just want to know where you stand and why? We want to know if you truly love every inch of us as you claim or if you could. Expressing yourself shouldn’t be a battle. You should be more than willing..

It’s more than just skin deep… Just tell me that you see me…

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