Loving others the Way God Loves Us

I have spent a lot of time reading devotionals and the bible. I took a lot of time to self reflect and get myself back on track. I tend to do this a lot,especially when I find myself at a crossroad.  I come across bible verses and devotionals that speak to a deep corner of my life. Corners that I tend to hide from others. Yet, God finds a way to Guide me through and I ALWAYS get real answers.

Last night, I came across a devotional, that matches my thoughts on love.  It was CRAZY, how this post made sense. In general. Just the way you are supposed to love others (family, friends, significant other or child(ren) your choice).

But I have always wondered, how you would know if you ever found the right one for you. What would it take? How would you know?

Now, reading this, let me know that many of us have received and  have given damaged love before. And sometimes we don’t  notice that the type of love we are involved in, is damaged.

“Human love is often broken and distorted, because people inevitably seek to love others so they might receive something in return. But Christ needs nothing from you. It is YOU who needs something from Christ” – Kong Hee

I completely agree with this. As humans, I feel that we view things and other people in a worldly manner. We compute a person’s value by our own personal standards. We lead with our own worldly desires and not with what God truly has in store for us. I do feel that our worldly views keep us from the simple balances of the world. It also keeps us stressed and constantly in competition with other people.

“Love always trusts. Trusting others as an act of love has nothing to do with being assured of their response to your love. Loving someone by trusting them means seeing them through the eyes of God, and loving them for no reason other than because God loves them.” – Kong Hee

I can honestly say that the moment this occurs, it equals perfection. When you are viewing them the way God views them, they are perfectly imperfect, and that’s okay. However, in your eyes, they are worth their weight in gold. All because you know that that person is who God made them to be and that alone makes them perfect.

People may think it’s naive to believe that this type of love exist. But I don’t. I do, however, feel that it is a very rare occurrence, and when it does happen, we are too afraid of embracing it. Or other circumstances get in the way of what you truly need. Either way, that sucks, lol.

But I do know, that one day God will place that love in the lives of those that are open to it, and mine too.

I’m just trying to regain control of my life and change the parts that I can. I have to get back on my A game so that I can handle my business again.

What do you think? Could it happen? Has it happened to you?
Do you even believe that love exists? If so why?

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