MaineLement:Love aromatHAIRapy

MaineLement:Love aromatHAIRapy

Prior to using MaineLement:Love hair products, I actually heard a lot of wonderful things about them. The three products I will be reviewing are from the Citrus Fusion Line: the Aloe conditioner, Shea Smoothie & the Herbal Styling Balm.

Scent of all 3

All of the products had a very strong citrus scent. I have to admit, I was a little concerned with how that smell would work out in my hair. When I used the Aloe Conditioner I was afraid that I would walk around smelling all orangey lol, but in reality, the moment the conditioner hit my scalp and the scent filled up my bathroom I was in citrus heaven. The Shea Smoothie has the same strong citrus scent as the aloe conditioner BUT the citrus scent definitely goes away after a while. (A day later, and I can barely smell the citrus. My hair still smells amazing though). The Herbal Styling Balm has more of a herbal, earthy smell than a citrus smell. But it stills smells amazing.

The Aloe Conditioner
(This is a wash out conditioner BUT it is also safe enough to use a daily leave in.)

I used this product as a wash out conditioner. I washed my hair with shampoo (I had Havana twist turned Senegalese twist in for about a month and a half). And then I used the conditioner. The conditioner is very light, and since it doesn’t have an excess amount of slip I wasn’t sure if it would saturate my curls enough. But I was definitely wrong about that. It took small amount (more than a dime size lol), to cover my entire head. My curls instantly turned softer and way more manageable. Which was definitely a shock. It happened so fast, and it felt amazing! When I rinsed out the conditioner, my hair still felt light and fluffy. It also remained soft.

Shea Smoothie

The product in itself lives up to the name. It has the consistency of a smoothie and it is very easy to use and apply to the hair. It is water based and it can be used on wet or dry hair. I used it on wet, t-shirt dried (excess water only) hair. The product went on fairly easy, and it didn’t take much product to cover my hair from roots to ends. I then flat twisted my hair, and it remained super soft and retained moisture well into the next day. My hair is currently flat twisted, with no flyaway strands and my ends are smooth.

Herbal Styling Balm

This is waaaayyyyy better than any ecostyler gel you could use. Eco Styler never laid my edges or my hair down but THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE, had my edges laiiiidddd for the gawds. Seriously. The Herbal Styling balm can be used to hold the ends of your twists, flat twists, or braids. My edges never felt crispy or hard. It just had that “slicked back” look I have been searching high and low for.

Over all, I genuinely loved the MaineLement:Love aromatHAIRapy line. I definitely recommend this, and there’s even a vanilla mint option. Now that sounds amazing!

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