Moving into 2018

Moving into 2018; I am prepping myself for new adventures and new challenges. There are many changes I am striving for in 2018; and it starts now.

Moving into 2018

As time shifts forward, I have been taking time to reflect on my major pitfalls and accomplishments. I have realized a few things that I have learned this year, and in retrospect, These are the attitudes I want to take into the New Year, as well as a few goals I have set for myself. And for the first time in years, I’m looking forward to moving and shaking in 2018.

Walking in peace & positivity.

This year, I plan on walking in peace and positivity. Like most years, this was another rough year in the books; but I made it, Like a BAWSE!! And I can’t be anything less than proud. I have weathered many storms this year, while somehow finding ways to maintain a level head and some form of peace. Even though, there were times when I literally felt like I was losing it; I managed. And I made it.

My biggest goal for this year, is to create and maintain a higher level of peace and positivity. I’ve been pushed to my limits, but still, I’ve found ways to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. And this has been my greatest year to date, And it’s not because something magnificent happened, I just learned what I was capable of and everything I could achieve if I applied myself.

Making more time for me

I have a terrible habit of not making enough time for myself and definitely putting the needs and desires of others before my own. This year, I want to strive for more me time. I need to give myself the downtime I deserve to not have to focus on any responsibilities or any work.  Just take the time to give myself a chance to kick back and do the things that I love. That means more hiking, more meditating in the sun, and more time to do the things that I love. This year, I have to do better for myself, I deserve that.

The one thing that I did this year, in order to not make myself look or feel guilty, was mask my “me time” with Tyler Fun Day. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I enjoy Tyler Fun Day’s and that they’re even added to my planner so that I won’t forget. Genuinely, I love spending that one on one time with my baby, and doing all of the things that he enjoys (that I secretly enjoy, too). It’s just easier to not feel bad when I am giving him a day full of all of my love, attention and all of his favorite things.

Knocking these goals out, no problem

This year, I stepped in the ring, and knocked my goals out like Rocky. Honestly, I would have been proud of myself if I accomplished about half of my goals. But somehow, someway, I knocked every single thing off of my list before the end of the year. Which means, going into 2018, I already have a few goals lined up; that I WILL accomplish. My top 4 goals for 2018, include 1. Moving,  Graduating from undergrad in December 0f 2018; Getting accepting into my Master’s program for Clinical Psychology and finding a way better job.  I learned that by using my planner to keep track of every little thing I had to do, including staying on top of my school work, has helped. Keep a written list of my goals helped manifest them. And every few weeks I would add short term goals to the list as well, just to keep up with myself. In 2018, my intent is to keep making black girl magic, and to keep moving forward.  I am the only person in the world that could stop me, and why would I do such a thing?

No more time wasted

I will be choosing to not waste my valuable time in 2018; and it simply means the following. I have taken too much of my time into sleepless nights, overthinking, and trying to convince myself that some of the goals I have set were unachievable. I’ve wasted time, allowing others to make me feel less than or incapable. I’ve given more time and energy to things that were not beneficial to my life and decreasing the time for things that were. I am my own worst critic. I give myself a hard time, I sometimes tend to beat myself up for my shortcomings. Because I forget, and I think others also forget. that I am human too. I make mistakes. I have valid feelings. Even if the world doesn’t see it that way.

This year, I plan on meditating myself to sleep on those nights where I’m overthinking my entire life. I plan on stopping negative thoughts of myself before they have a chance to implant them selves into my memories as truths. I will be letting go of those that do not value me as a person or my feelings. I will be leaving behind those that do not respect or regard me. I would rather be left with nothing; than left with something that makes me feel worse than I deserve to feel. It is time to clean house. **Which I have already started over the last few weeks, blocking numbers and ending communications.


There is no “new year, new me.”

“New Year, Who’s this?” I don’t believe in this. I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, because those aren’t goals that last. They’re rarely ever accomplished and that’s a waste of time! Moving into this new year, think of it as a new chapter, where you are the writer and you create your own story. You decide what happens this year and what doesn’t. You have the power to create your own destiny, and make life whatever you desire it to be. Live for yourself. Create a life that you would be proud of. It doesn’t matter HOW your journey starts, it’s how you finish it. And when I tell YOU that you are more than capable. You are brilliant, you are worthy and valued. Stop convincing yourself that it’s “too late”; it’s never too late. Trust me, my plate is always full. I work full time, I go to school full time and I have a first grader; who’s school I volunteer at often. For 2017, I decided that just making it, wasn’t good enough for me. You, also, deserve better.

As this New Year comes in, I hope you set goals for yourself. Choose to be great this year, and be awesome. You deserve greatness, peace and happiness.


Peace, love & Light,

Sierra Michelle


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