Being Natural In a Relaxed World.

Being Natural in a relaxed world is definitely tough for some of us. We get the comments. the looks. and people simply wanting to “pet” our hair.

I have all kinds of issues with these few things. First, the comments.

Some of the comments are honestly just ridiculous. Everything. “You walk around with your hair like that?”. “Do you comb that?”. and my ultimate favorite (-_-) “Why would you want to walk around all nappy”.

The way I CHOOSE to wear my hair, has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. I was unaware that we shared a scalp, and what I do unto my hair happens to yours. Lord knows, I really do try to be patient and leave people and their comments be. BUT when you are touching MY hair and telling me about MY hair. I have a problem with that. First and foremost, I do not give a rats ass about what anyone has to say. Even though I am a natural. And I do run all of these natural hair pages and sites, I do NOT knock anyone’s decision when it comes to what they do to their head. Shoot, everybody know that I was living that creamy crack life style for longest. I started at 4 and a half. Not by choice. But that was and is still a part of my life. How in the hell do you look at someone and just talk about how “nappy” their hair may appear.

But still. Judging my life. Because of my hair? I won’t stand for that. Nor will I let it happen in my face. So, if you assumed that you would get away with that, and that I would let it slide. You’re wrong. Be quiet and keep it cute.

I have had someone ask me, why flat twist your hair if its just going to fro anyways? It’s obvious that YOU are not about this natural lifestyle. But that close minded mentality is a killer.

I do get the “no she didn’t leave her house like that” looks. and in reality, it cracks me up. I take damn good care of my hair. I moisturize and seal it everyday to every other day. I flat twist my hair the night before and I am just always decent looking. lol I get enough looks rocking a fro, I don’t want people to assume that it means that I am just unkept. lol So I make sure that my hair is laid to the gawdsssss, when I step out my house. To be honest, the looks don’t bother me. I couldn’t care less. BUT I do know that it does bother some naturals, especially the newly big chopped; first time naturals.
Some of them are very conscious of the looks and attitude they get when they walk around with their new fros.

Petting my hair

Lord knows. God really knows. That I am not an animal. But what makes people think they are entitled to just walk up on me and touch my hair. Some people come up to me, normally other races, and tell me how much they love or admire my hair. But they never feel inclined to just reach their hands out and just mess up my flat twist out and frizz up my hair.

Here’s a true story
I was at Buffalo Wild Wings with my best friend and my son. And we were eating and having a great time. Just living it up. Having a free moment. Just talking and laughing. When all of a sudden, I felt a hand in my head. All in my roots. Now, at first, I was shocked and it scared the crap out of me. But when I realized that there was a hand in my head, and I turned around and gave this person the “What the hell is wrong with you” look. And they had the nerve to catch an attitude. When I got dressed that morning I didn’t see a “you can touch my hair” stamp on my forehead nor was it on my t-shirt. So what makes people think that they can just up and disrespect my personal space? How would they feel if I was putting my hands all in their weave, pulling at the threads? Oh, I’ll wait.

Don’t let anyone make you feel that you are making the wrong choices. Surround yourself by like minded people and naturals that will keep you motivated. Don’t have anyone mind? You can definitely send me your hair rants. I’ll read and respond. Spread the love!

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