Negative People

Black women already have the “hater” stigma. People automatically assume that ALL black women don’t know HOW to compliment, encourage and uplift each other. That is a false statement. Not all women are like that.  Not all black women are like that. And black women are not the only ones who can have the “hater” complex.

Saying this:

Lawd. I cannot stand the female, or the human, that feels inclined and entitled to down any & everyone that isn’t them. *take two seconds and breathe that in*

This irritates me to my core. I cant STAND people that just have to suck the joy out of someone else to feel better. I don’t give a damn what your hair type is. I don’t give a damn if YOU can’t grow your hair or if you’re edgeless. What you won’t do, is tell one of my readers,  one of my followers that their hair isn’t growing because of their hair type. And that YOU are an “expert” because of your fail you got going on over there.

When I genuinely offer my type four coily girls advice, it’s because I have been there & done that. How, you may ask??? I’m a type four coily girl my damn self. AND my hair is growing *gasps* and my edges are there. Soooo that means your “expert” opinion is false. SUPER false.

Why, WHY must anyone just down someone else. What type of satisfaction do you get out of that? Seriously?  Does it hurt your spirit to compliment another woman? Is it hard to look at someone else and encourage them?

Nobody is telling you to suck up to anyone. No one is telling you that someone else is better than you. But the same way you desire compliments, words of encouragement, and curlfriends, You have to be willing to put into the world the positivity you desire. It only makes sense.

I believe in standing together. At all times. I hate when someone tries to tear down someone else because of a “flaw” the person feels that they see. As a natural, we already catch enough grief from others when it comes to our hair. Why should it come from someone that is in the “same boat” as you. Living the same natural lifestyle.

Spread the love. Seriously. Make someone’s day, instead of ruining it. Be mindful. Make a new friend.

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  • This is a great post. The first paragraph, you spoke nothing but the truth. I’ve heard from a caucasian guy who dates black women say, “you kind of act like a white girl” I mean seriously? This is not a colour post but I didn’t know I had to act a certain negative way to be considered a black girl.

    I tell people who talks foolishness about natural hair by simply saying its their approach. If they want results they can achieve it, encouraging them to ask questions and sharing any advice if needed.

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