Nice Job, America… Nice Job.

Whew, I woke up this morning, and knew that this was not a dream. It was real life. It felt like a 3 dimensional nightmare.. But how far would America go?

The new president-elect, is Donald Trump. Donald. Trump. Let that sink in,

In America, minorities have been dealing with the short end of the stick, both figuratively and literally. From police brutality and the innocent murders of our black men and women, to the systematic oppression and the division of black families, and just dealing with racism and discrimination overall. Nice job, America… Nice job.

And some feel that since our reality wasn’t “too bright” to begin with, this election shouldn’t matter. But that’s false.  A lot of Americans, especially the uneducated missed one HUGE thing. Prior to a president-elect, being elected, the Stock market, Dow Jones, took a huge hit. It plunged to an all time low. Lower than when the stock market took a hit, for 9/11. After a while, The higher Trump rose in polls, the more the stock market plunged… But I guess that shouldn’t be of concern? If trump is such a great business man, why is wall street concerned? Why would they show how much they DON’T trust their president-elect? Even they’re aware that this is a terrible idea!

What about black wall street? What about our 401k’s? Social Security? Health Insurance? Employment opportunities? The military? What about everything that Obama fought so hard for us to have? Everything he worked so hard for.. Every gray hair and stressful, negative comment he had to endure? Gone… In a matter of 4 hours.  But nope, too many people MISSED this. Too many people were one track minded, and could only see Black Lives Matter, but missed what’s also going to affect our lives….

I’m still allowed to feel disgusted and sick.

Are you aware that not even 3 hours, into choosing the next President of the United States of America that 3 countries reached out to not only WARN Trump but to remind him that he CANNOT change any treaties? Those countries being France, Israel and Iran? Are you also aware that other countries are nervous about this man being Commander in Chief?

America elected a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a rapist, a homophobic and xenophobic president. He’s mocked the disabled. He claimed that if you’re not “American” and you die serving our country, you didn’t really sacrifice anything. He feels that it’s okay to “grab women by the pussy.”; and use his power to do as he pleases. It’s just unfortunate that America is even more racist and misogynistic than I thought.. and the worst part is that he was supported by Women!! This man has a child rape charge pending, but America did not care. And people claimed this man is a good role model…. to who?

No political experience or Decency required.

It’s sickening. I had to explain this election to my 5 year old. My 5 year old black son that refused to leave the house this morning. He was genuinely afraid for his life. His little black life. That’s disheartening.

I am sick, disheartened, annoyed, disappointed, angry, stressed and in disbelief.


This is the Amerikkka we live in. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Now, it’s too late.



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