Why is Black Panther So important for us?

Black Panther weekend is FINALLY among us and I feel like I’ve been waiting “Forevaaa” *in my Cardi B. Voice*. Besides being the biggest pre-selling movie of all time, this movie not only stars an all black LEADING cast, but it also has a black director, set in a fictitious […]

Perfecting This Thing Called Self-Care – Beginning the Journey 1 comment

I’ve been debating with myself, for a while, on how to start and document this process. Perfecting This Thing Called Self-Care – Beginning the Journey while increasing my self love.  I didn’t fall into this journey due to a mid life crisis but I also didn’t venture into the self-care jungle pretending […]

The Power of Essential Oils for Natural Hair

The power of essential oils for natural hair  By; Joana Teixeira Our hair is like a beautiful crown when it’s in good condition, and there are many simple things you can do each day to keep yours looking at its glossy best. However, as natural hair can be dry and […]

Can You Stop?

This is definitely a part of my rant series. I’m just genuinely tired, and I mean TIREEEDDDDD of people and all of their assumptions regarding MY life. Can you stop? Like Seriously? CAN. YOU. STOP?? *There is no disclaimer, because genuinely, I don’t care how it’s taken*

God thinks HE’s funny, too

Have you ever had to sit down and snap yourself out of it? Out of that mood, out of that thought process or out of those feelings? Well, that was me. If you’ve read The New Year Blues, then you know that I sulked and cried and sulked a little bit […]