My Honey Child

My Honey Child

I purchased these products over a year ago, and finally got around to using all of them on my most recent wash day.

1. Olive You Scalp Cleanser
2. Olive You Deep Conditioner
3. Honey Love Pomade
4. Honey Hair Creme

Olive You Scalp Cleanser

I loved how gentle this scalp cleanser was. It didn’t foam too much but it left my hair feeling clean. Without stripping it. My hair did not feel dried out from this cleanser, which was a huge plus. It didn’t really have much of a scent to it. Which really doesn’t make a difference.

Olive You Deep Conditioner

This deep conditioner, felt more like a regular conditioner for my tresses. It softened and conditioned my hair fairly well and washed out easy. I wouldn’t use this as an emergency repair conditioner. But as a regular wash day conditioner, it definitely works well.

Honey Love Pomade & Honey Love Creme

I used these two together. On separate occasions.

The first time, was on a flat twist out. Part of my hair felt super moisturized and some felt brittle. I wasn’t really sure what caused my hair to feel that way. But when I took my flat twist down, the definition was amazing. But the issue I had, was separating and fluffing my hair. My hair was a lot more difficult to fluff and getting rid of the parts gave me a hard time.

Mini Twist: I used these two products to do my mini twist. My hair is still soft and moisturized. my twist weren’t stiff or hard and they had a lot of movement and it still smells “sweet”. My hair held well, even after working out. That’s a plus.

Overall, I like the product line. It is definitely something I will continue to use and purchase down the line.

I really want to try this product on a “wash & go”…. To see if this works.


My Honey Child

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