Loving Culture Oil

Loving Culture Oil

This loving culture oil, is a multi-purpose oil, that can be used as a hot oil treatment, growth oil, and for dry scalp. This oil blend has Organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed castor oil, jojoba oil, cinnamon, cayenne pepper,and eucalyptus oil.

This oil blend, is definitely one of my favorites. I have done a twist out, and flat twist out, just using this oil. No leave ins, no curl enhancers, and received perfect definition. This oil has kept my scalp moisturized and reduced the flakes and itching I had. My hair grew faster, thicker and healthier. It definitely improved the overall health of my hair. It also kept my twist outs shiny.

It has a “scent” to it, and that comes from all of the natural, organic oils. However, the scent does not stick nor is it overbearing.

I do recommend this oil, I didn’t have any issues with breaking out because of it. My scalp took kindly to it. And I used this oil 4 days a week for my scalp massages. This oil is thick enough for the LOC method on kinky/coily hair, and but it does not leave your hair feeling sticky or coated.

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