Silk Spa Creations: Brown Sugar Scrub and Silk Candles


At First Glance

When I first received the products, I was definitely amazed at the scent of the Brown sugar body scrub. I could definitely see the love and care that went into the products from Silk Spa Creations.. Inside of the package, comes a beautiful set of instructions, that are very detailed and let you know how to use each product that you purchase. Even if you have questions, you can e-mail Trista, and she responds quickly and politely.

The Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I received the Energizing brown sugar body scrub. It’s aromatherapy purpose was to “awaken my senses”, which it did every time I used it. It helped me gather myself and my thoughts in order to refocus my energy on task that needed to be handled. Instead of wallowing in my tiredness. (My son has been sick with a cold and congestion, So I haven’t been sleeping much of anything). That alone proves that this product follows through on what it is meant for. And it was definitely appreciated. I love products that do what they are made for. I was able to take on internal NHJ tasks, as well as homework and taking care of my sick mini me, all thanks to this, aromatherapy.

Fìrst Try
This sugar scrub smells amazing. At first glance, you notice all of the sweet smelling oils and underneath the brown sugar scrub. I used this in place of my normal body scrub. I followed the instructions that came attached, and used it on clean skin. I used it on my entire body. Focusing more on my problem areas. Using this body scrub was pretty easy. My skin definitely felt different. Softer and a lot more moisturized.In order to get better results, I have to use it consistently to really see a huge change.

Second Try *A few days later*
This time around, I focused more on my feet. I followed the instructions again, and had my sugar scrubbing moment. I really noticed the change in my skin,. I noticed how rejuvinated my feet looked and felt the next day.

I love how this body scrub doesn’t leave behind an extra oily residue that makes washing off the sugar almost impossible. This experience was definitely one for the books. I LOVE body butters and sugar scrubs. I use these on a regular basis. This body scrub is definitely one that can make it into my regular rotation.

The Silk Candle:

The scent is pretty subtle, before it was lit. When Iit the candle, it smelled amazing.

I will admit that when I first read the instructions I was a bit confused. I thought that it was a “light it up and let it sit” candle. Lol Nope this is NOT your average candle. You actually use it on your skin. (Which is an AMAZING experience.) I used this product after the brown sugar scrub as instructed.

I followed the very detailed instructions that came with the items and let the candle burn for a few minutes until I had enough to use. I then, blew the candle out and proceed to use this on my skin. Focusing on my dry, problem areas. A small amount goes a long way. I massaged both of my feet with the oil and put on socks, as instructed but not necessary.The next morning, when I took off my socks, I was definitely surprised. My skin felt amazing. Softer than it has every felt. My hands did too, even though I didn’t wear gloves to bed.

The experience itself was relaxing. It was beyond soothing. This candle can be used as a massage oil, for yourself or someone else. The lavender Vanilla scent is definitely relaxing.

overall thoughts

This product line was definitely an amazing one to sample. These two items made me feel like I was being pampered by the finest spa and I automatically felt rejuvinated and relaxed. I haven’t ever had that happen in the privacy of my own home. I definitely intend on purchasing some items for my family members for the holidays. Especially the relaxation fragrance line they have. I need that in my life.

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