Protect Your Peace

I am a firm believer of protecting your peace at all cost. Protecting ‘self’ before anything else. Not allowing other people to disturb your peace.

For some, we allow our ‘good nature’ to leave that window open; that allows people to unload and leave all of their ‘baggage’ (some true, a lot false) with/on us. We take on the feelings and emotions of these ‘unloaders’ and allow it to affect us and how we view ourselves. Instead of making ourselves inaccessible to the negative… We  allow their mere presence to ruin us. We also allow the actions of others to influence our moods or even ruin our days.. and at this point in my life, I am totally against it.

I have worked very hard to create and maintain this realm of peace. It wasn’t “given to me”; I had to actually use the key to open the door to the world that I wanted soooo bad to live in. Carefree and peaceful. I  created an “inhale positivity, exhale negativity” environment just for me. I sleep well at night, unless I allow my mind to roam the corners of the earth in search of me.  By choice. I choose to be at peace with me.. regardless of where other people stand in my life.. I refuse to stress over anything.

My peace… and I am firmly against allowing anything… and I mean anything.. that does not pertain to my child or my health to stress me out. PERIOD.

Not the job that pays me, ‘friends’ and family, the opposite sex, money or my brand. I’ll be damned.

My message to you.

First and foremost, it is okay for you to love yourself MORE than you do now. Loving yourself unconditionally, you’ll learn to not only appreciate yourself, but you’ll realize that you have the power to dictate what you allow around you. Value your time, emotions and efforts. You can limit access to everything that drains you, you don’t have to carry the weight of the world or any fragments of the world; that you don’t want to. You have to understand that you are WORTHY and DESERVING of every ounce of peace that you can accumulate overtime.

Second. It’s easy to let other people’s actions dictate your mood for the day or even the week… But it shouldn’t be that way.. You’re allowed to be selfish when it comes to what you ALLOW to rock your world or invade your peace. People will do to you whatever YOU will allow. I learned to make myself so scarce, that only people bringing peace and light into my world are allowed. I don’t have the time for those that always want to cry and complain. I don’t have the patience for negative Nancy’s. I just won’t allow anyone to get m e out of MY character.

Stop letting people purposely push your buttons to tick you off. Starting arguments, playing the victim, disrupting your life. Some people thrive off of that. They want attention that bad that they will mess with your head enough, just to get a rise out of you… Cut them off. Let them go. It doesn’t matter how close the two of you were at a point…. No one that is willing to ruin you, just for their own amusement or benefit is worth your time. Choose wisely.

Third. Erase the emotions to that memory.

We carry pain with our memories. Allow them to overwhelm our senses once that person/situation comes back around. It could be their nonchalant attitude, “memory loss”, or even just their presence. You can’t allow these things or people to have ANY type of power to affect you or how you view the world around you. Some people are just selfish, only see the world from their point of view, and they don’t really care about how you or anyone else may have been affected by them. I’ve learned how to turn the emotions off when it comes to many memories from the past. How some people will search the ends of the earth just to regain some form of contact with you. I learned how to separate a memory of what they did from the feelings they left behind.

“Forgive but don’t forget.”

You are allowed to remember the things that were done to you in the past. But you have to remove the weight and power those memories carry. At some point, you do have to move on, and stop letting people overpower the way you’re choosing to live your life. Remember that “hurt people, hurt people.” because it’s true. It’s not an excuses. Allow yourself time to heal, time to rebuild your peace and keep pushing your positivity into the world.

Keep building the space you want to live in. Be at peace with your present, past and future. Allow yourself to just be in the moment. There are no such thing as bad days, just bad moments that may transpire during that day. Don’t let everything affect you. Get healthy.. Be happy.. and LIVE your life.

Protect your peace at all cost… I think you’re worth it.


Love && Light,




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